CURSE & BOYCOTT ThinkForex aka STINKForex!!

by DiggerOfTruth


I decided to try and get what funds I had left in the account, after I had qualified for their 20% bonus (amounting to 1000 GBP) because I could no longer trust them.

But - and you're going to love this - they bring up the Terms of the bonus and state, after the deposit funds are withdrawn that I have breached the Terms by withdrawing them before 60 days are up. They steal the 1000 GBP as well!!

Priceless. More theft. More wickedness. 

THEY cause the trauma, they cause the theft, they LIE & DECEIVE all to steal from me and now they say the Terms are breached...but they can break every contract they wish...  BUCKET SHOP BASTARDS.

****ing sickening. CURSE THEM ALL!!

Comments from an experienced trader who now owns his own brokerage.


Well, it sounds to me like they were blindsided by you making excellent profits against them, this means they would have taken the other side of your trade and expected you to lose, but taking the other side does not make them a bucket shop, using tricks to screw you out of your trades is in fact what defines a bucket shop.

Changing leverage with trades open tells me they held the other side of your positions as this is impossible in market trades.

I would suggest using the ECN as that is our most economical model by averages, The great thing about ECN is it is extremely easy to tell if the broker is doing ANY manipulation as it is SO obvious.

It is a ton of work to launch and run a brokerage (Even as Director!), it has been fun so far, but expensive and utterly exhausting.

I must say that making 300% in a night is an incredible feat, if you did that at ------- FX we would ask you to become a manager!  :)

But making them commissions of 3000GBP from a 4000GBP account is a TON of trades, and by hand? I don't know how you did it.

One thing you can do is lodge a complaint with their regulator. I cannot know EXACTLY what happened without seeing the your statement and then seeing their settings for your account.

But it changing your margin mid trade in any circumstance is crooked for a brokerage to do, you should be able to take them to court or have their regulator all over them if you can prove it.


We also understand that after the damage was done, they changed the leverage back to the original level…their Mission of Destruction accomplished.
A Rob Talwar has had days to respond to our Terms of Settlement and has refused to do so, adding insult to injury yet again. Typical for a criminal outfit full of shit.


The bot mentioned in the Complaint was/is Forex Growth Robot (FGB). It is written in that bot’s manual – and also by their emailed support replies – that STINKForex aka ThinkForex is chosen and promoted  as “the best” broker…

In a PIG’S EYE!! Eugene Lipinsky is the name behind FGB. A Moses Virella – another Jewish name (Jews hate non-Jews and believe in Jewish Supremacy aka “Screw the Gentile/goy) is a marketing manager for STINKForex. Neha aka Necha/Nekhama is another Jewish name.

A motto for a secret entity for an antiChrist nation fits STINKForex very well:

“By deceit thou shalt do war.”

And deceive, lie, conspire, destroy, sabotage, cover-up, they do.

FapTurbo Robot

And lookie at what we have here! Yet another scam bot connected to – you guessed it –STINKForex!!

The link for their ad-page for FapTurbo is for ThinkForex in Chicago!! Here is the web address in full: Notice that they have it under the guise of “Forex Trainings”, as if they have the right to train anyone!!


These warnings are for the record and to warn as many as possible.

STINKForex Moves To DELETE Our Complaint!!

It is clear that they have contacted an “Ethan” (Staff) at and moved him (bribed him?) to DELETE our Public Complaint against STINKForex on the review page for this criminal broker. As I was not going to be intimidated by filth like this, I continued to post with extra insight and facts and curses as they are due. Ethan then suspended our account there. It's good to know that sites like are in bed with criminals like STINKForex.

They shall all burn in Hell. Amen.

I verified the charts from Thinkforex and another Broker. Reason: we had a scalping EA, that was really good. In Demo top performance; in Life within the first 6 hours great results (98% winning rate).

After that - the EA was no more working as like before. I compared the charts with another broker, and found... some strange peaks.

Is Thinkforex a stoploss hunter?
Even if they a 5 digit, the other one is a 4 digit broker, it seems they are stoploss hunting; the differences are too high. I will post some pics this evening. Last edited by dagolard; 04-05-2012 at 11:36 AM.

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Mar 19, 2013
Thank you for the link & explanation
by: DiggerOfTruth

You should have posted the link when you moved the original complaint from the SCAM folder. Now that it's done and shared, excellent.

For the record: I am now with another broker with 400:1 leverage and have achieved similar results as I did that first night of manual trading. The only difference being that they don't - haven't - sabotaged my efforts. Thus, I have been equally as successful, even though the leverage is not 500:1, as I was with STINKForex before they sabotaged me.

See, STINKForex are Stop - Loss Hunters. Since I didn't have Stop Loss settings and was scalping, they couldn't fully stop me, so they changed the leverage from 500:1 to 100:1 in mid-trading, with open trades, no warning, no reason, etc. This was done to cause the open trades to get stopped out via lower margin. The criminals were determined to DESTROY.

Thank you for the clarification. Any further proofs I shall provide as needed.

UPDATE: Just as predicted by the Disillusioned ThinkForex Employee, the "regulators" have refused to do anything thus far. They refuse to even follow their own rules, much less read my Public Complaint. sickening to say the least.

[Note from brainyforex admin : Sorry for the confusion moving your original post. As your a new trader, I also feel compelled to try and slow you down a bit with your trading. In particular I would try and encourage you not to trade such large lots that I saw you trading on your trading statement. The reason being that one or two bad trades caused by a sudden, unexpected, large SUSTAINED price move against you could not only wipe out your trading account but could also create a debt that you would owe to your broker (unless they have negative balance protection). It's very very dangerous trading large lots on a small account without using stop losses.
Hope all goes well for you into the future.

Mar 14, 2013
Original Complaint Deleted by
by: DiggerOfTruth

You have only allowed the follow-up to the original complaint, the Official Public Complaint sent to the, ASIC and The Financial Ombudsman of Australia. The Official Complaint you deleted. It was here to begin this thread and included all the details from that Hellish night that STINKForex and their representatives sabotaged my account and then falsely accused me to try and cover-up their crimes. They are still - in vain - trying to cover up their crimes, but the facts are known to all.

Neha is one of their "support" staff that justified their crimes, refused to respond and then falsely accused us - all while keeping her criminal employers hidden from scrutiny. Party to the crimes/criminals is she. Those details are part of the Official Complaint that you deleted: it began this thread. That is a fact. I can post it again, but only on the condition that you won't delete it. The only editing I will do is not add the extra info after the Official Complaint itself. Let me know either way.


[Note from Brainyforex Admin : I moved one of your complaints from the "Scam Alert" section to the broker review section. You can see them here on this page.
If all of the information is not contained in these two sections, please post the content that you thought I deleted. As far as I can remember I only deleted the follow up comments relating to RACE & RELIGION. If I deleted vital facts - sorry for the mistake.]

Mar 13, 2013
STINKForex LIARS Lie Again
by: Anonymous

Even though the full and original complaint against your criminal outfit has been deleted from this site, [This is not true - read brainyforex admin reply below] it is still up at other sites on the net.

I asked for and was given 500:1 leverage which allowed me to trade in the lot sizes I did...UNTIL your criminal "Compliance Team" SABOTAGED my winning and profiting efforts.

The comment posted by the Disillusioned ThinkForex Employee says volumes which - again - vindicates us against your crimes and criminals, which your "Team" continues to try and cover up...when they can't outright censor the original complaint as they have on a number of sites thus far.

You can hinder the Truth, but you can't kill it. :)

Your criminals have repeatedly refused to respond to the Terms of Settlement and they have thus become far more expensive for you as a result.


[Note from Brainyforex Admin: Brainyforex has not deleted your original complaint(s) against this broker. The only comments that have been deleted are those which do not include anything of substance. The ones which relate to RACE & RELIGION from both you and those that have replied to your comments. Nobody wants to read slander / swearing / rude comments, it holds NO VALUE - but FACTS DO - so please only post FACTS without the insults. It is also illegal for any website to host comments that slander another persons race and religion. So I think you know that your comments about brainyforex deleting your original complaint is not true. Sounds to me that you are just trying to dramatize your issue with the broker? Please keep your posts CLEAN. Thankyou] PS : I also am aware that you have been banned from posting on other forums which have obviously been due to you involving race, religion, rudeness etc into your complaint.

Mar 13, 2013
ThinkForex Management
by: Anonymous

Dear Client,

Thank you for your message.

Please be assured that ThinkForex is a Non-Dealing-Desk broker. There has not been any form of malicious intent in how your trades have been processed.

We have tried to contact you numerous times over email and telephone, but you have refused to speak with our representatives or schedule a time with us to call. You have also refused to follow our review process instructions which we have emailed to you.

Regarding your leverage claims, Pro accounts are restricted to 100:1 leverage. You can read our full margin call policy on our support knowledgebase here:

And the Pro account features are found in our support knowledgebase here:

We kindly request that you follow the review process that we emailed to you in order to help you resolve these issues.

Please contact us at +61 2903 70158 or email us at so that we can resolve this matter with you.

Thank You,

ThinkForex Management

Mar 06, 2013
Vindicated - Again
by: DiggerOfTruth

I see that the forum admin has taken to CENSORING our Public Complaint against STINKForex. No matter, as the truth is known to all who care to seek and find.

Today we received the following inside information that confirms what we have said from the beginning: directly after a Christopher Dobbs of ASIC refused to even read our Complaint against TF Global (ThinkForex) criminals and refused to investigate.

Let this be a slap in the face of all who have come against the truth about these criminals like Nauman Anees, et al.

Sent by Disillusioned ThinkForex Employee

Submitted on 2013/03/06 at 5:23 PM
ThinkForex is a dealing desk brokerage. They slip your trades and adjust your account because they are not making commission off your trades, they are collecting your “losses” into the pockets. They will vehemently deny that they are a dealing desk and even most of their employees in the dark regarding this. Ask about their liquidity partners, however, and they will give you the run around without any clear answers.

The company also takes deposits into customer accounts and uses them to fund daily operations and BMWs. The awards they flaunt (‘Fastest Growing FX Broker’ and ‘Best Forex Customer Service’) were purchased and are meaningless.

They also illegally operate out of the US (111 W Jackson Blvd Chicago, IL), which is where Nauman, Faisan and most of the team are based. Nauman Anees is the evil mastermind and Faisan Anees is the mentally delayed side-kick. When they run out of money, they simply “go out of business” and open again under a new legal name. They have already done this at least 2x that I am aware of.

Good luck working with the “regulators.” You’re never seeing that money again.


We bless and thank this soul for sharing these confirmations with us. We curse all those who hate and vilify the truth. Amen.

Feb 19, 2013
You are a twisted little child
by: SeekHelp

I can see why ThinkForex won't deal with you. You are a hateful, spiteful little child who throws tantrums when you don't get your way.

I hope someday you'll re-read your New Testament, find the real truth, and beg Jesus for forgiveness for your unrestrained hatred. Your view of Jesus is an abomination.


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