Does fxarbitrageRobot work?

by Tony

Please could you tell me if you have come across fxarbitrageRobot, and if so DOES IT WORK? I have spent several hours searching for reviews and most-including and, both seem to suggest that it is a SCAM. However the THEORY of arbitraging the DIFFERENCE between different Brokers spreads Definitely sounds PLAUSIBLE and I am sure a Good programmer COULD produce this type of EA. Any info on this would be MUCH appreciated.
Thank you for your VERY INFORMATIVE website!

Hi Tony, thanks for your inquiry about fxarbitrageRobot. I remember when it came out a few years ago if my memory serves me right? After it's initial launch I did not hear any more about it. I think it was a huge promotion at the time?

Or it may have been a robot with a similar name?

Sorry I cannot shed any more light on the robot. But one thing that I would suggest is that if such a "loop hole" was found in the forex market, then the big corporations would take advantage of the situation and maximize it to such an extent that it would no longer work indefinently into the future. It may have worked for "a time" but these sort of "loop holes" would get closed as everyone would want to get a piece of the action and those that do get too greedy to keep it sustainable and hidden forever. Or it may work in theory but cannot be applied to a real live market situation with price execution and order fills at the right rates.

That's my two cents worth on the logic behind it. But I could be wrong?


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Apr 05, 2014
Owner and designer of a few demo EAs
by: Professor53

Id like to make a quick post.

If you wana place a EA with mt4 on arbitrade like condtions, use a Ea that has a tp of perhaps $1 and allows close all trades and resets. Choose 2 pairs that are negatively correlated to each other. Set each chart pair to the same buy ( or sell only) setup. there are charts that show negative correlated values per pair. Most DDs on this kind of setups are only around 5% when using a $100 start and a 0.01 lot size. Normal tp and sl dont matter much. Its when the 2 pairs cross ( about once every 2 days) is when you profit. Look for pairs that are negatively coordinated around 95-99% of the time. They move in opposite directions. Set lot sizes the same on each.( like both buy or both on sell only ) When the market swings back and they cross as negative correlated pairs, you have a profit. I have in the past set up several of my own eas and public free eas to trade like this. Cant back test cause of more than one pair. But it works. Do I make a living trading like this ? No. but its fun to demo and observe it working. Its jsut a slow 2 or 3 day process between profits. The pairs hedge them selfs. You have to over come the broker spread of each of the 2 pair and then profit on the neg correlation. If your interested in developing this as a stand alone, EA, let me know and perhaps we can share that costs. Should be able to do this as a EA for less than $300. This can be done on FIFO with USA brokers as your not hedging the same pair. can be done manually on setup as long as you have a robot that will close all trade once your set profit is reached. ( Normaly a $1 or $10 depending on your account sixe and broker spread)



I do have my own web site if contact is needed.
Garry Higgins

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