Fausto Pugliese cybertradinguniversity.com 12 Time MoneyShow Trading Champion

by Fritz

Need your help identifying Fausto Pugliese and his credentials. Not sure what is going on here? I just got a promotional email about Fausto Pugliese saying he is 12-Time Money Show Trading Champion.

WOW, I thought 12 Time MoneyShow trading champion, I would like to take a closer look at this guy. He must be good? I went to his website http://www.cybertradinguniversity.com but could not find any reference to this winning of any competitions? I sent an email to his website asking about this but have no response. I searched the internet for references to these competitions but found nothing. I contacted the promoter whom sent out the promotional emails and he said I should contact MoneyShow.com and ask them. I did this and they said that they don't even run competitions.

So please, can anyone tell us if Fausto Pugliese really is the 12 time MoneyShow trading champion? Maybe there is another MoneyShow competition somewhere?

Fausto Pugliese promotions says "Stock Trading Mastery and Support Program"...

...Where he shows you EXACTLY how he wins trading
championship after trading championship.

Fausto or someone else PLEASE HELP clarify the above. Is there some proof that Fausto is 12 Time MoneyShow Trading Champion?

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Apr 13, 2015
Money Show are not true trading competitions
by: Dallas Dude

Money Show are not true trading competitions.
They are 2 maybe 3 people trading for one hour against each other. So with 2 people, you have a 50% chance of wining. Big whoop. I saw one and one guy lost money and the other guy made $100.00 in one hour trading futures. There was $2000.00 ticks of movement and $100.00 dollars? There are true trading competitions that last weeks or months long.

Jan 28, 2013
Update on Fausto Pugliese
by: Fritz from brainyforex

Just found out that these competitions are something that is held between "some of the traders" themselves at the MoneyShow Live Trading Event at the exhibit hall. These competitions are not put on by MoneyShow, it is just approved by them and (apparently) MoneyShow does not keep a record.

If anyone can provide more details about how these competitions work, feel free to fill us all in.

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