Fluid Trader EA Interview with Lance Hunter

Fluid Trader EA by Lance Hunter has achieved great results as shown on their public real money account through myfxbook, shown on the left. Lance is an experienced expert advisor builder and what interested me in looking further at this EA was it's risk of ruin statistics.

These ROR statistics show that in order to sustain a account loss of 0.01 percent, the EA would need to suffer 48 consecutive losing trades and now consider since their live account was funded with $10,000 mid June 2017 and it's account balance is now $19,356.99 mid October 2017 that is impressive!

[Latest Update : This system has failed on the developers live account]

I had to find out more and Lance provided me with a review copy which the results are shown below.

1. Can you please tell us a bit about your background. What country do you live in and how did you get started trading forex and developing forex robots?

Our team is from all over, our mastermind behind the system is from Australia. He has worked for a well known broker for years, behind the scenes and has learned the ins and outs of how brokers work. This has resulted in experience gained from coding back-end tech and eventually leading to programming EAs as well.

2. As Fluid Trader EA is profitable on sideways markets is it a grid trader system? If it is a grid trader is there a possibility that the system may suffer fast large unexpected losses when the market starts trending strongly in one direction as is customary for grid trading systems?

It is most profitable in sideways market, but can profit in trending markets as well, due to a specific way it manages the trades.

3. I notice from looking at the 'Risk of Ruin' trading statistics generated by myfxbook that Fluid Trader is showing extremely low risk of losing more than 1% of the account balance. It shows that it would need 44 consecutive losing trades for it to lose 0.01% of the account. Have trading conditions for Fluid Trader over the last four months been unusually good for the system or do you expect a change with these fantastic risk statistics?

It's been great for longer than 4 months, it's a strong system for long term growth, look at the other account on our website, that one has been running even longer. (Demo Account)

4. Can you please tell us a bit more about how the profit target and stop loss settings work? Ie Does the system have a set profit target for each trade or are positions closed through a trailing stop?

It's completely dynamic for stop loss, take profit, and trailing stops. It's not always the same and can vary depending on the trade, market, and any grouping of trades open. It's intelligent and this part alone makes the system even more successful.

5. Can you please tell us a little more about the indicators used by the system? Are they custom designed or just some of the standard MT4 ones?

The indicators built into the system are mostly custom plus price action based.

6. Does the system open trades only at certain trading times / sessions?

The system can open trades in any sessions at anytime. It's not time limited.

7. Are there any upsells when purchasing Fluid Trader?

There are absolutely no upsells.

Thanks for your time in participating in the interview. We look forward to watching Fluid Trader's trading performance into the future.

Brainyforex is currently testing this system as from 26 September 2017 on a IC Markets demo account as shown below. If it does well, it will be moved onto a real money account.

If you want a copy of this system it is available on a yearly subscription basis and comes with a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. Buying through the brainyforex affiliate link will not cost you any more and will support our work of verifying who are the good guys and the bad guys in the forex trading industry.


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