forex bullet proof robot seems unable to cope with large moves that do not reverse

by Admin

Forex Bulletproof has now been taken off demo test at 28 November 2011 and will no longer be tested.

The history of this robot was that it was placed on a $10,000.00 demo account and produced small but consistent gains. The profits were very small compared to the initial deposit of $10k. In order to improve results the systems default settings were doubled. The software gave warnings that this was above the recommended risk level.

The profits generated were more reasonable with the $10k account but in the end some large losses ended this robots testing at brainyforex.

The end analysis for this robot is that it seems unable to cope with large moves that do not reverse. A common problem for a lot of robots. New lots are continually opened in an effort to recover prior losses. When these big fast moves take place that do not reverse then that's when the robots small consistent profits get wiped out very quickly.

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