How can we tell the good forex courses from the bad ones?

Some forex training providers charge thousands of dollars for their forex courses. Some do this as a marketing ploy.

How would you value the cheap information from Mr Priceconscious $149.00 as compared to Mr Smartmarketer $4,000 content course... your's today at over 50% off, for only $1,990.

Which is the better bargain in your mind? The $149 course or the $1,990?

Did you pick the bargain from Mr Smartmarketer? You just saved over $2,000! His course is padded full of history of the fx markets and theory of forex trading that you could have got for free searching the internet.

Mr Priceconscious forex course of $149 turns out to be no better either as all his course does is tell you his four indicator system that works for him. When you try and copy his method it just does not work out for you.... So it goes with most forex courses offered for sale. You can pay top dollar for these courses or you can pay minimal or even get most of your information for free. The outcome will be be the same in the majority of cases.

Once again we have sales and marketing professionals in our forex training courses midst whom recommend the "optimum" price level to achieve the best results. Not necessarily related to the content of the course materials.

Another example you will notice are the forex strategy courses which all seem to basically sell for $97.00.

I think some of these popular courses are a good idea to give you different ideas on how to develop your own trading ideas. Take one or two diamonds from several of these courses and add your way of trading and there you have a nice system that is uniquely yours. Or just trade it as the system inventor does. What you have to remember is that you need to work out what your own trading style and time frame will be.

Are you going to day trade the market for so many hours a day/night? or are you going to trade end of day data which will require only ten to twenty minutes each day or are you going to trade on a weekly basis which will only require you to place or adjust positions on the weekend? It really does not matter. There are plenty of highly successful traders whom trade extremely short term one minute bars and those whom trade longer daily, weekly, monthly or yearly time frames.

However, if you are a new trader you will have to spend a lot more time in the beginning learning you own style of trading. This will be a matter of trial and error to see what works for you.

For an outlay of $97.00 with a 60 day money back guarantee (if purchased through most popular affiliate merchant platforms) you can't go too far wrong. You can get plenty of ideas to work with.

Which forex course is best?

I would personally recommend a forex training course that is delivered by internet video content as opposed to physical attendance at a venue due to the cost effectiveness. Hiring a venue or room somewhere will come back to you paying for it. (Maybe not straight away but later from add on's). They will offer to sell you all sorts of products as they receive a commission from the sale.

Try and choose a daily or weekly internet "mentor" where they explain the trading process over and over again. New concepts need to be repeated from different angles for people to fully comprehend.

Some good free forex trading courses delivered through the internet by reputable firms are shown here Go to free forex trading course - brainyforex

Check reviews

Through the internet we can obtain feedback from people all around the world whom have previously completed forex courses and education. Reading about other peoples positive and negative experiences with these forex courses will be of great assistance whether we decide to spend our money on that particular course.

Take a look at some well known forex courses and check out the public's feedback here.


Learning to trade forex currency markets is very difficult. The very best forex course and other education does not guarantee that you will be able to successfully trade the markets. Success will come after you fully understand the importance of the three elements for success. (System, Psychology and Money Management) AND APPLY these elements to your trading. The way to apply these elements is to practice, practice and practice. Perseverance is your most important quality.

In his book 45 Years In Wall Street, W.D. Gann. page 122 states "A man who pays with time and money for knowledge and continues to study and never gets to the point where he thinks he knows all there is to know, but realizes that he can still learn, is the man who will make a success in speculation or investments."

Read more about Gann's thoughts on the subject here.

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