Forex demo account
An invaluable trading tool

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Forex demo accounts for forex traders come complete with free charts and live quotes along with virtual funds. Forex practice accounts are important so that traders can become familiar with the forex brokers trading platform and policies. Any mistakes or misunderstandings amount to only losing virtual money. Once the fx trader is comfortable and happy with the broker he can move onto the real account.

Most of the top 10 forex practice accounts offer the same metatrader platform for automated trading capabilities.

It is recommended to select a forex broker that suits your particular style of trading / investing as well as a host of other factors that are considered here.

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It should be remembered that traders whom buy and sell on extremely short time periods (scalpers) will get different results once they switch to the live account because the practice accounts do not 'fill' orders. All orders are executed perfectly on these accounts which does not happen in the real live environment.

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