Forex Gemini Code Vladimir Ribakov's latest offering Will you be rating it? Is it for real?

by Jim

Hi Jim

Thanks for your email.

I can setup ForexGeminiCode under Vladimir's review page here.

I believe Vladimir is a real trader as he runs a signal service which he would not be able to continue if he was not profitable? Vladimir likes to trade using DIVERGENCE. ie Price moves in one direction while stochastics or MACD or other occilator moves in the opposite direction. When this happens price usually reverses (at least temporarily).

I looked at ForexGeminiCode table of contents and a couple of videos and see that the system is based on candlestick patterns and the indicator is probably based on Vladimir's favorite divergence setup's? I would think the strategy is based upon BUYING pullbacks on a established uptrend near support and SELLING short on rallies in a downtrend near resistance. Basic stuff that works but not many traders realize? The good thing I notice with Vladimir's indicator is that it considers the larger time frames like the WEEKLY trend.

The things I would question is the expensive purchase price? Vladimir's pressure selling technique of only xxx copies left. And his claim of making 100% each month? 100% each month trading manually for someone buying this course is just not going to happen? People whom buy this course with the expectation of making 100% each month will get very disappointed and call the system a scam because expectations are way too high for a newbie trader.

I notice after leaving the ForexGeminiCode website a free offer is made for the Dynamic Triple Edge System Indicator. So why not take this indicator for a test run first and see if you like what Vladimir creates?

ps - If you decide to try Vladimir's Free Dynamic Triple Edge System Indicator, please post a review here.

ps ps - If you have not noticed, I have recently added two great free ebooks about candlestick patterns and divergence on the free courses page here.

Fritz Gewerth

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