The Best Forex Robot Expert Advisor Manages Risk & Volitility

When people ask me what is the best Forex Robot Expert Advisor for automated trading I tell them to consider the RISK FACTOR.

There is no point in creating or using a EA that generates large profits in a short time only to be wiped out the next. A lot of robots risk far too much for them to be traded on a longer term basis in a volatile market like currencies.

But what if there was a 'Expert Advisor' that operated on low risk and designed with volatility in mind?

This is an email that I received from Mark McRae from

Mark has a ton of experience in the trading world as he runs a highly successful trading business. Read about his excitement in the email below.

STOP !!! STOP !!!: This robot has been tested by brainyforex and it does not work in the long term. It cannot handle long term trending markets that don't retrace. It's a losing system. Read brainyforex review and take a look at the trading statement after 219 days. Go here.

With real results from testing Forex Crescendo he feels he has found the best forex robot.

Email date : 28 September 2010

Hi Fritz, Here's the best Forex Robot EA ever to trade live!

"I Pulled in 9,999 PIPS From The Forex Market In Under 8 Months. I Made More Money Than A Wall Street Veteran, While I Watched TV"

If you are even remotely interested in making decent money in the Forex market with the least amount of work, then this is going to be the most interesting email you will ever read.

Most people are frustrated with Forex, and let me tell you why - information overload. They get emails every day telling them why this system or that system is the best one to go with.

It gets worse when you add automated trading into the mix, now the new Forex trader has to ask himself if he should be working on Expert Advisors or studying MACD.

The Best Forex Robot I Have Ever Seen
I'm about to tell you about the best EA I have ever personally invested in. I have watched this EA for over 8 months under very difficult market conditions, and not even once did it not make me money at the end of each and every month in my live account.

I See More EAs Than Anyone Else On The Planet
Before I go on, it's important that you understand where I am coming from. You see, people send me about 4-10 EAs per week. Most are hoping that I will mail my list of subscribers and recommend their product. Here's the problem, most EAs:

- Don't test well
- Lose money
- I can't get them to work
- Make just one trade every 50 months
- Melt down when you go live with them

Now, I know I am hitting a nerve here because I hear horror stories from my subscribers every day. The whole Forex Robot and automated trading thing was beginning to give me a headache.

I Found The Smartest Programmer Ever To Design A Trading Robot
As I said, I was beginning to get fed up with the whole thing, when I came across a very interesting chap on my forum. This guy gave hyperactive a new meaning. I mean, he was everywhere on the forum. Someone would make a post, and bang, there was Andrea.

Anyway, this was about 2 years ago and I eventually got chatting with him. It turns out he was one of the top programmers for VeriSign. Just in case you don't know what VeriSign is, they provide 93% of all Fortune 500 companies with their security certificates, and here I was speaking with the main programmer.

He's A Genius
It didn't take us long to figure out where our common interest lay. Andrea agreed to take over the testing of all the EAs I was sent, and also to start working on an Forex Robot EA with everything he would learn from the hundreds he would test.

He Cracked The Code
After almost 6 months of scrutinizing over 100 EAs, he came up with Forex Crescendo. Here's the best part of this. He showed me what he had discovered.

Never in a month of Sundays would I have come up with what he did. In fact, I would defy any trader who says he would. What he had discovered was so, unique, so unusual that it just boggled my mind.

We Didn't Stop There
If I was going to invest my hard earned cash into this, I wanted it tested like no other EA. So after 5 months of testing, between September 09 and February 10, we put this thing through every conceivable test. We put this EA through tests that I have never even heard of.

The Results Astounded Everyone
I knew with a 99.9% certainty that this was the best Forex Robot EA I had ever seen. There was only one final test. We had to go live with real money.

It Made Me 132.33% In Under 8 Months In My Live Account

Just look at these numbers:
* It made me $10,531.90 in less than 8 months, in my live real money trading account.
* The account started with $7,958.70, and it now stands at $18,490.60.
* The Forex Crescendo gained 132.33% in a record 8 months.
* The average monthly gain for the last 8 months has been 16.86% per month.
* The closed trades draw down has been 5.31%.
* There has been no single losing month.
* There has been no single losing week.
* There has only been one losing day out of more than 160 days of trading (that loss was -$14.27) as compared to the best day in which it gained $220.89.
* The profit factor is an average of 2.53 times the loss.

If you have been following the release of the Forex Crescendo EA, you will know that Andrea has done more to answer people's questions and remain transparent with the results, than any other EA released.

Over the last few weeks you learned:
- What's really going on in the automated trading market with my in-depth interview with Andrea.
- He released a report to help anyone improve the performance of any EA, and answered commonly asked questions about EAs.
- He spent over 4 hours between two webinars answering every question that was asked of him.
- He displayed my live trading account for all to see. No Photoshop images, no html tricks, just the truth.

There's really not much more anyone could do. This EA is the best EA I have ever personally traded live, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to you.

Mark McRae
"Next Generation Trading"

P.S. Forex Crescendo is the most powerful Forex Robot EA ever to be released to the public. It has made me money every month, and I want you to see just how powerful it is here:

Public Independent Forex Crescendo Reviews.

Brainyforex Review explains how it works here.

Brainyforex tested this system on demo account from 7 October 2010 starting with $10,000 and ceased on 16 May 2011 (219 days) with $8,774.27.

This system traded extremely well for the first three months and then fell from grace with a few bad days.

Can see that the problem with this system was when market moved quickly in one direction and did not retrace. As it's a volatility based system it looses all its profits when the market stops moving sideways, which does happen about three to four times a year on average.

Very sad to see this system fail after consistent winning periods.

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