A quick way to find out a forex robots risk

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After a forex robot has traded for at least three months its easy to find out how risky its strategy is by looking inside of the MT4i statistics.

MT4i.com is a free third party reporting service which shows a forex robots trading statement as well as other reporting statistics.

The RISK feature is an invaluable tool which gives us a good idea about what the risk of the strategy is for losing 10%, 20%, 30%,40% ..... to 100%.

It is very important to ensure the robot EA has traded in a variety of market conditions before relying on its risk statistics. In fact, the longer the robot has traded for the more reliable the risk statistics will prove to be.

To find out the risk statistics for a robot, just go to the robot results page and click on the MT4i widget. When you see the trading statements, just click on the top tab called "RISK" and that will provide you with the statistics. The the steps are shown below;

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