forex thor needs a zero pip broker and large account balance

by Admin

3 stars. Tested Forex Thor II on live account for 141 days on non-ecn account through FinFX which had an average spread of 2.5 pips. This spread was too high for this robot. The account started with $399.31 on the 6th April 2012 and was taken off live testing on the 28th August 2012 with a balance of $397.49. This was a $1.82 loss for the 141 days. Did 60 trades, 28 winners and 32 losers.

Even though this EA system did not produce a profit with a 2.5 pip spread I will look forward to testing this system a bit down the track on a larger ECN account with no spread. From what I have experienced with the software's functioning I think it has some very advanced features which prevents it from entering bad trades.

I still have confidence in this systems future performance with a zero spread account and I would have no hesitation trading it with a large account balance due to the quality of the software.

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