Forex Trading: Starting Off for Free

by James Franklen

Do you have what it requires making money from derivatives trading? If yes, then have you actually tried to make some money through it? If the answer to the second question is a ‘no’, most probably it is because of lack of funds and the subsequent fear of losing it all. The solution to your problem already exists in the market; all you have to do is reach and grab it.

Yes, some of the options trading brokers have become generous enough to let you trade with their own money. The market is lucrative enough that the brokers are willing to give budding traders an opportunity to trading. Therefore, whether you are student of finance or risk, or a related professional, you have opportunity with you to apply your acquired knowledge.

So what is the opportunity these brokers offer? It is It is a Forex trading bonus – no deposits required whatsoever. Hence, you can channel all your possessed talents in the right direction with the right amount of motivation and security. Whatever profits you make, you can withdraw them at a later point in time. It means you have to make a certain amount of profit or trades to be able to do that.

The amounts given out for trading are generally very low i-e between $5 and $25. Only under certain circumstances and specific brokers, give amounts to the tune of $200 or above $100. If people like you have the capability to make gains from options trading, that capability is very likely to emerge early on when you trade in the practice account. So, a way to access higher amount of no-deposit bonus, you may refer your practice account’s record with the customer services personnel of the broker, make your case and request a higher bonus. If they really see the potential in you, they will let you more bonus.

The currencies of bonus are largely, United States Dollar or Euro. With this bonus at your disposal, you play real-time in the market. This obviously trains you in better deal management and increases the level of your skills and knowledge. However, you must be aware of the lax attitude washing over you. If it’s not your money at risk, do not waste the opportunity in making clumsy trades.

There are quite a few online platforms in Forex trading offering this bonus. It includes, PAX Forex, OCTA FX, SMART Trade FX, etc. Choose wisely from amongst them considering the limitations by each broker.

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