Forex VPS do not handle server upgrades properly

by Fritz

1 star. Very disappointed with ForexVPS. I don't fully understand why they don't provide their customers with sufficient notice when they decide to upgrade their servers?
I had been using ForexVPS for about two years or so. The first time they did an unexpected server changeover without notice I lost the setting of about ten EA's that I was running. They assured me that nothing like that would happen in the future but in early September 2012 it happen again. They sent out an email saying they were changing over to a new server and the changeover had to be done within three days as after that the old server would no longer work. On the day of the notice I could not log into my VPS account nor could I manage to set up the new one due to technical problems. I tried to contact support sending out emails for one week with no response. After about two weeks they finally responded.
For a trader to be locked out of their VPS service for two weeks and losing all their EA's with no notice is a major disaster that nobody should have to deal with.
I give ForexVPS one star in view of what they did to my account. I just hope that they will learn from their prior mistakes and correct the way they handle their server upgrades with more notice and more support staff.
In the past I had been happy with their support staff, they were always willing to go the extra mile with any issues. So it is sad that higher management does not plan properly for server upgrades.

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