Forex Warrior EA lost everything when the market tanked down

by Admin

Brainyforex tested Forex Warrior by ArgoLab for 160 days. Opening balance 2 April 2014 $5,000. Closing balance -$1,706.64 on 8 September 2014. It made 289 trades in total being profitable each week until the last one. Tested on one currency pair GBP/USD Recommended default preset 1 hour GBP/USD. fw_gbpusd_set_1a

This grid trading system just could not handle the market moving down in a big way for 5 days straight. All it's accumulated profits and starting balance ($9,006.80) was lost in one day on the 8th September when the market opened down again after the weekend.

Very large non-trending market moves do happen on occasion and these situations create huge problems for grid trading systems as we have seen with Forex Warrior EA.

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