gregs success signals did not work out for us after 116 days of testing

by Admin

0 Stars. Gregs Success Signals has been tested on brainyforex through broker (demo account) for the past 116 days with a total loss of -$445.73 as at 1 August 2012.

A summary of the statistics are as follows;

26 March 2012 starting deposit $3,000. As at 1 August 2012 the closed trades amounted to loss -$387.69 with floating losses of -$58.04. Final equity was $2,554.27.

Sad to say that after 116 days the system produced 164 winning trades and 49 losing trades to produce this bad result. I would not call Greg's Success Signals a Scam just a very bad trading system that has not gone anywhere.

Brainyforex hopes Greg Stefaniak will produce a better trading system into the future. We look forward to him making a comeback and trying again.

Anyway thanks for the review copy Greg!

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