haruea forex robot did not produce a profit in our 2 month testing

by Fritz

Brainyforex tested this robot from 15 November 2011 to 18 January 2012. (About two months).

Opening balance $5,000. End balance $4,536.34

The robot placed 62 trades with 28 winners and 34 losers.

Average trade time was 28.7 hours.

Overall lost -376.4 pips. Haruea system was always moving backwards and forwards between profit and loss. The programming was solid but the strategy was let down by a string of losses after it made some profits.

Brainyforex hopes Haru will come back with a stronger strategy and we look forward to helping him redeem this two month losing patch.

Details about system

Trend trading system that combines fibonacci and moving average strategy.

Lot size is 0.1 per each $1,000.00

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