How To Get Your Money Back From Scammers

by Saim

Get Your Money Back From Scammers

Have you ever imagined how much the online scam cause loss in terms of money? According to a report which contains statistics and data of how much loss has been caused due to online scams in the year 2020, it is estimated that till to date at least US$ 77 million has been lost, where the number of incidents are averaging up to 80,000. The top ten most damaging scams which caused financial loss are reported to be investments scams, dating and romance, threats to life or detention, fake billing, online shopping scams, remote access scams, classified scams, identity theft, hacking and lottery scams.

If one looks at the above figures, he would certainly feel that internet is not anymore a safe haven for anyone to do online shopping or receiving services and/or participating in any business which otherwise has great potential in terms of providing golden opportunity for earning money but rather it has become a place filled with scammers and criminals who are busy day and night hatching new plans and formulating fake policies to deceive general public. If someone may have lost his money due to a scam then the probability of getting refund of the scammed money are 10 out of 100.

The issue of how to prevent online community from the many forex broker scam artists is a matter concerning the entire world which has been much debated but unfortunately no matter how high security protocols are applied even then these scammers succeed in their ulterior motives and easily gets away with the crime without even getting caught or tried by law. This is because the scammers are adapting strategies and schemes in accordance with the evolving technology. In this way they are able to protect their identities and conduct their scamming schemes without any fear of getting caught.
The present topic is not on the subject of how we can stop scams to take place instead it deals with the most important issue that if someone has been scammed then how the victim can get his money back. Even if there is a slightest chance to get return of your looted money, you should take it and give in your best efforts in this pursuit. Let us look at some of the scamming situation in which certain mediums could be helpful in the return of the looted funds or undelivered goods.

Contact your bank

If you find an unknown payment being made from your account, you should immediately establish contact with your bank and get details. Similarly, if you have, at some point, used your debit or credit card and found out that more money has been taken out from your account, you need to contact your bank immediately and tell them what has happened. Since we all know that the banks are huge organizations which has great resources to trace out the offender. Secondly, once you have contacted your bank you will be making sure that you will be provided with proof of transactions which are helpful in the later stage when you are going to contest the case before the judicial authority.

Once you have successfully reported the incident then there is a possibility that the perpetrator gets apprehended and money can be received from him or in a situation where the scammer has utilized the money, then appropriate legal action for recovery of that money can be initiated against him.

Undelivered Goods

In case you had done some online shopping, paid for it and in case the goods were either not received or you are given something which was not promised for, then you should first lodge your complaint with the concerned website. Simultaneously, while filing a complaint with the website, you may need to seek help from the local police if the service provider is within the jurisdiction where you reside.

However, in case you have been scammed from an unknown source, you can report the incident to Cybercrimes authorities who can then liaison with the same authorities working in the country from where the scammers were operating. Once the culprit is caught then there are high chances that you will be able to get refund of your stolen money.

Online trading scam

Online trading scam is presently on the horizon and as discussed above it remains on the top seat of scams which continues to cause highest financial losses every year. In this scam, scammers are used to create fake websites where they provide made up fake ponzi schemes to lure inexperienced online traders to become a trader on their website which requires deposit of payment for signing up. Once the trader signs up then he loses his entire money which he had deposited in the account.

A victim of trade scam can firstly report the scam with the local police and then with the cybercrimes authority. There are also various websites which provide services for the return of the looted money. A very popular website amongst those is known as which has been providing its services to the online customers from all over the world and has been very successful in ensuring the return of the money to its original owner. It is advised that the victim should reach out this website which requires a very low fees of providing their services.

Concluding thoughts

Scammers and scams are continuing threats to the security of our wealth and are bad models for any society. It therefore puts a global responsibility on each one of us so to create means to eliminate this menacing evil from our societies once and for all. Although the entire world’s governments, law enforcement agencies as well as the banks and organizations are all on one page, fighting against scammers but these entities would need to ensure that meaningful difference which should not only be done but seen to be done as well. We need to also create awareness amongst the masses and implement high-end preventive measures to make the online global community members a tougher target. For more information on getting your money back from scammers visit today.

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