I am using MyDigitrade Services for about two months ****

by Oleg
(Toronto, Canada)

My opinion is here:

1. This is NOT a scam
2. They have a lot of strategies to choose from and statistical information that helps with the process. This includes max potential loses and gains based on at least three months historical trading.
3. They allow trader to gain additional income from follower subscriptions.

The followers can easy add the strategy, start/stop or delete the strategy from their platform.
The only what I am not a 100% happy with is most broker their offer are not accepting US residents but that is actually not their fault but the laws and regulation in United States. They still have a few brokers that accept US resident but they are difficult to find on MyDigitrade platform

4. It is a bit difficult to deposit money because MyDigiTrade depends on a selected broker process. I am Canadian and for me to deposit money to a FOREX broker that I really like I need to call my bank and do transaction online while they are confirming it on a fly otherwise the banks system (in this case it was a TDCanadatrust) would just reject it because of oversea payment.

5. They have a demo account for one month that allows to play with the strategies and get yourself familiar with the services and select the appropriate strategies to be use in a real live account.

6. It is also possible to use them for investing and self-trading at the same time: be investor and a strategy provider.

I hope this helps.

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