I can recommend Vadim. Final product they sent me was to my full satisfaction

by Gert Bekker
(Pretoria, South Africa)

5 stars. I have worked with Vadim Epstein from Emet Trading Solutions in June 2017, where I had a complex geometry stencil on NT8 that i wanted to be coded. Vadim evaluated my description of what I wanted, and also informed me that the task at hand will be extreme difficult to code - but they are able to do the coding for me. We agreed on the cost and time that it will take to do the coding and they started with the work.

The first version of the coding I wanted them to change the important anchor points of the coding, and they came back with suggestions as to what can be done. Once they implemented the suggested changes the tool worked very well for my purposes!

It was a real pleasure for me to work with Vadim and his team, and the final product they sent me was to my full satisfaction!

I can recommend Vadim for any one who wants to have coding done for their strategy!

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