I have always invested in forex and gold

by Joost
(Rotterdam, Holland)

Five stars. I have always invested in forex and gold. Around a half a year ago I was introduced to trading in binary options. With the possibilities to also trade here forex and gold in fast pace with high returns, I was into it from the moment I started. optionFair offers a platform that by far resembles the most real actual day trading. As I later found out, they are one of the only ones with a real financial platform. Apparently other brokers use more casino like platforms, and you feel that. Besides that, the trading instruments that are being offered by optionFair are very complete. They do not offer the most assets, but all the assets you want to trade are there. More importantly,they offer very high returns on all their assets. Nice features like early closure and roll over that allow you to close your current trade in case you feel you won't end up in the money, helped me to feel safe there to trade my money. Then there are the small things that always help feeling at home. I never had payment or withdrawal issues. The support team is always available and I got a personal account manager that keeps up to date with my trading and advises me where needed.
The speed trading is a nice extra. Trades of 60 seconds are good to get some extra tension. It is more of a gamble in that case, but for once in a while it is a great rush. Just installed my mobile trading app from optionfair, looks very nice. A nice way to earn back my train rides back and forth to work.

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