I mistakenly bought the automated option at an additional cost of $97

by Provman
(Birchington, UK)

Five Stars. Very simple system that actually works!

I mistakenly bought the automated option at an additional cost of $97 (When buying the Forex Profit Boost System) and promptly requested an immediate refund.

However, after receiving an email from support suggesting I try the system for 60 days I decided to go ahead and start my own trial.

I was suspicious as the up-sells after my initial purchase resembled the usual marketing ploys of the many bogus systems out there. I was also wary they were using Clickbank as a payment processor but all my misgivings went quickly out of the window.

I installed the automated trading system on my live account using a lot size of 0.01 to minimize losses should they occur and I used the 1H TF for all the major currencies where the spread is less than 0.03.

In about a week from a starting balance of £100 GBP my balance was £107.40 but this would have been around £121 if it had not included some very bad impulse trades by myself.

After quickly deciding just to trade the system the second week produced a balance of £119.35 and if you put that in perspective considering my lot size this is very impressive.

The TP and SL's are well thought out and not too ambitious even though I am trading in the aggressive mode.

All in all I am very happy with the system and will not be pursuing any kind of refund. My percentage win rate after the two weeks is around 82% and I am delighted!

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