instant forex profit robot one of the worst robots tested so far

by Admin

0 stars. Brainyforex tested Kishore M's Instant Forex Profit Robot from 2 June 2012 to 6 August 2012 being 62 days. The demo account with Thinkforex started with $50,000 and finished with $869.09.

The robot made 886 trades with 2 profitable weeks and 7 losing weeks.

Kishore's advertising for this robot said that it makes a profit "EVERY DAY". As seen from the results this simply is not true.

Reading the instructions for this robot it does say that it works with a TRENDING MARKET. Over the last 9 weeks of testing the market has not been trending and hence the poor results.

Very very sad results from a robot developed by Kishore M. I am still trying to believe that this robot traded so poorly even in a sideways market. This robot has been one of the worst robots tested so far by brainyforex.

Broker Results through shown here.

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