Instant Tradable Bonus An added advantage !

by John Arnold

Many of the forex brokers provide forex bonus to traders. Bonus can be termed as an extra quantity of funds given based on the original deposit by the trader. This system benefits the traders as well as the brokers. Forex bonus attracts the traders to invest more. Instant tradable bonus is also a forex bonus system. To avail a forex bonus, an active account is essential with minimum initial amount deposited.

INTFX one of the best brokers in the field of forex trading, have launched instant tradable bonus for the new as well as existent clients. The clients who have deposited funds from first day of February 2016 onwards are liable to get bonus on the deposits made. The validity of the forex bonus is 90 days from the day of deposit.

INTFX is giving $2.00 per standard lot as tradable bonus. Each time a trader trades more than one standard lot in currency pairs or in CFD’s the trader will be awarded $2.00 per standard lot. The bonus will automatically get calculated and deposited into their accounts. In cases wherein the trading is lesser than one standard lot, the bonus is calculated proportionally.

The instant tradable offer provides the clients to be able to enhance their capability of investment over the time frame, where in the bonus can be utilized on a later day as long as the capital is not touched. INTFX offer of $2.00 per standard lot, this ensures that the client benefits from it as long as the capital is not withdrawn.

A point to note is that the maximum of 30% instant trading bonus is provided when new funds are deposited into the live trading accounts. For any live account, once the 30% instant tradable bonus is completed, no new bonuses will be added. Another point that needs to be noted is that if the principal or the capital deposit is withdrawn, the instant tradable bonus will be deducted from the account. This will occur if the request for withdrawal is within 90 days from the date of deposit.

INT FX instant tradable bonus of $2.00 per standard lot cannot be combined with other promotional offers given by INT FX. Once the client is utilizing the instant tradable bonus facility, then all other promotional offers will automatically not apply to that account.

The instant tradable bonus ( forex bonus) of $2.00 per standard lot is linked to a particular trading account and this account cannot be withdrawn either partially or fully.

The instant tradable bonus given by INTFX is not valid if the deposit is made through any internal transfer. The instant trading bonus once deposited cannot be transferred between the INT Fx broker trading accounts and also cannot be withdrawn from the account. The non-transferable nature of the bonus ensures that if the client attempts to withdraw or transfer from that account which is linked to the instant trading bonus of $2.00 per standard lot, then the bonus gets automatically withdrawn. In such cases no prior intimation will be given to the client.

As in any forex bonus, INT FX can also change the terms and conditions without prior notice to the client and especially done to improve the existent schemes and offers.

The forex bonus offer given by INTFX i.e the instant tradable bonus of $2.00 per standard lot is a great opportunity for the trader to increase and improve their trading deposits honestly and wisely.

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