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Ivybot automated trading system

IvyBot Automated Forex Trading System Review

Expectations were high when this trading system was released.

Unfortunately, the trading results from independent review sites for the first few weeks were very poor. The review sites that kept the robot running were rewarded with a couple of good weeks up to now.

Updated : IvyBot is no longer on the market

Updated review information and warnings

Warning about scalper mode. Do not use this option until satisfied with results in demo mode.

This system trades infrequently.

Update 31 August 2009

Since launched to public the results are NOT holding true to marketing hype.

Update 8 September 2009

Recommendation NOT to purchase this EA at this present time. Results since launch to the public have not been anywhere close to expectations or the beta test group.

Will monitor over the next couple of months to see if system turns profitable?

For refunds send email to refunds@clickbank.com along with your receipt number. They will automatically refund your purchase as long as it is within 60 days of purchase.

Update 21 September 2009

This prior weeks bad results put the nail in the coffin for some review sites. The bad results for this robot has seen reviewers sending it back for re-programming.

There has been some good results coming in from another review site whom kept the robot trading despite the early disappointing results. The prior two weeks for this review site has seen the robot bounce back with good results. Their demo account is still a little behind but their live account is up + 19 percent.

This robot is still worth monitoring. Lets see what happens in the next few weeks.

Update 17 November 2009

Since the last update Ivybot had some good trades but then turned bad again.

To me it looks like every time the market conditions change, the programmers / developers update the program to the current market conditions only to discover that the market conditions have yet again changed? (By the "market changing" this means changing from "trending" to "sideways" (non trending) price action).

Update 26 November 2009

This robot is now confirmed as NOT recommended.

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