Neuroscience research into mental fitness and motivation

In relation to Mental Fitness, Neuroscientists have found, and proven biologically, that nearly all motivational techniques cannot create lasting high levels of motivation. Why not?

Because before now all of the motivators of the world, all of the books and tapes appealed to emotions and your consciousness to inspire you. Until now they thought this was the only way to reach very high levels of motivation and mental fitness. And everyone knew that it could not be permanent...until now.

Now, in just the last few years, neuroscience research has revealed that the human brain "thinks" in 6 areas at a time, and that only one of these is your conscious level of thinking. 5/6ths of your brain-power is at your non-conscious level. And in those areas you are not even aware of what you're thinking about, let alone controlling it.

But now things can change. Scientific research, is finding that you CAN learn to control all 6 parts of your brain. You can learn to program your non-conscious thinking to put your brain on "auto-pilot" so that no matter what you are thinking at the conscious level, you can maintain that high energy level equal to when you first got motivated. That high level of mental fitness.

Whether something that happens is negative or optimistic, it cannot deter the power of your much larger and controlling part of your brain and mind, IF you have programmed that enormously powerful non-conscious part properly.

What if you found out that, scientifically, you could learn techniques systems and programs, so that your level of motivation and mental fitness, no matter what you did consciously, and no matter what others say to you or do, will always stay at the highest level you have ever been at in your entire life?

A scientific internal brain-power from within you that when switched on will unlock, permanently unlock, the doors to your success and to have the ability become whatever you want.

Do you think you could achieve anything your wanted too? Reach all of your goals for this year? Experience whatever type of life you desired? Scientifically?

High caliber widely known neuroscientists like V.S. Ramachandran, MD, PhD; Charles F. Stevens, MD, PhD; Terrance Sejnowski, PhD and Richard Restak, MD have achieved worldwide acclaim with their ground breaking research into the power of the human brain and mental fitness.

ALL of their findings relate to the Science of Permanent Self-Motivation and Advanced Achievement.

Thanks to this revolutionary new research, scientists are providing insights into the human brain that only a few years ago, would have been considered the stuff of science fiction!

The exciting consequence of this research is that YOU, if you learn and follow certain brain research based guidelines, can reach enormously enhanced performance levels and achievements.

Scientifically, it is now clear that by learning about and applying this new research, "everyone" can reasonably expect greatly enhanced personal levels of achievement.

That is what the latest research findings point to by Neuroscientist, Dr. Richard Restak, in his book "The New Brain".

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