with them 2 months I am getting profit

by Ania Bilski
(Warsaw, Poland )

Hello Admin,

The broker's name is I am currently trading to this company for 2 months now and so far I am getting profit. 4 Stars.


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Nov 14, 2021
How i got my Lost Funds Safe at Hand..
by: Pamale Bacon

If you think someone you know is being scammed or targeted by cheaters , do not make them feel embarrassed anyone can be a victim, few months ago I and my wife were scammed about $60,000, almost gave up in life, we were hopeless until a Brother introduced me to xxxx a reliable source to recover my funds back and also trade to earn high profit,
Do contact this company via, xxxx ..also What sapp xxxx,
Take the right step and recover your lost funds trust me it is 100% possible.

Note from Admin : Name replaced with xxxx as looks to be fake review to promote a fund recovery company which could also be another scam.

Jul 07, 2019

They are a major scam! After seeing good returns, I decided to withdraw some of my profit but I was denied and I was told by my account manager I needed to deposit more money. I could smell the foul play in the air as a friend of mine once told me how he made a fortune and couldn't make withdrawals. He lost all his investment to the dubious company. So, I knew it was best not to make another deposit. MXTrade stopped responding to my phone calls and other correspondences. After wasting more money on private investigators and lawyers. I employed the services of (xxxx) an international recovery firm. I have recovered 85% of my funds within 7 working days. The rest is in progress. STAY AWAY FROM MXTrade !!!

email : gilertwayne(xxxx)

Note from Brainyforex Admin : This comment is probably fake because it is promoting a recovery service. (Replaced with xxxx).

Apr 13, 2019
by: Hack Ethics

It actually hurts and bring tears to my eyes when I read comments of scammed victims ripped off by BINARY OPTIONS AND FAKE HACKERS. ........

Note from Brainyforex Admin : You are welcome to submit an article in the article section here Your article can be either 'educational' or 'something of interest'. With a proper article you are welcome to add your website contact details.

Dec 06, 2018
how the binary options scammers work
by: Anonymous

I was contacted from a Binary Options company based in Great Britain. I was offered a Binary Option trading account where experts' in their field would trade a Managed Account on my behalf and would take 10% of any profits. The minimum investment to access the Managed Account was £2,000. I was approached again once I made the £25,000 investment to add a further £40,000 to access a higher return on my investment not understanding the company was an entire scam! Then my lawsuit got lengthy and really costly, hence a certified Binary Options recovery expert xxx was recommended from a safe platform guided me on steps to take to recover my money back. Right now i have been able to recover my funds back. Binary option is a scam stay away. Contact xxx on xxx

Oct 20, 2018
Be Careful
by: Lucy Wang

Just last 3 weeks I fell victim of their scam tactics. I invested money ($427,000) and then getting my returns became a problem. I called and emailed all to no good. It was at this point that I realized I had been played by these scumbags. I started looking for options on the internet as I was desperate. I was a bit afraid as I had heard stories of people being scammed when looking for solutions. I exchanged emails with a couple of people who turned out to be fake but then I made contact with a company named xxxx, who are experienced in this sort of thing, they walked with me on my road to recovery. We had an agreement and they delivered. I was able recover most of my money. You can reach out to them on xxxx at or their website at xxxx. I want to implore people out there to be careful, a lot of people out there are only after our money. Only a few can be trusted.

Brainyforex admin : This may be a fake review as they are trying to promote a recovery firm, which has been replaced with xxxx. If you read this and you placed this review please submit an article about the services of your company in the article section along with something educational or newsworthy. Thanks.

Aug 29, 2018
by: Anonymous


✅ Binary options may be used in theoretical asset pricing, they are prone to fraud in their applications and hence banned by regulators in many jurisdictions as a form of gambling. Many binary option outlets have been exposed as fraudulent. The U.S. FBI is investigating binary option scams throughout the world, and the Israeli police have tied the industry to criminal syndicates. The European Union is publishing regulations that will ban binary options trading. ASIC considers binary options as a "high-risk" and "unpredictable" investment option.

✅ Most people have lost their hard earned money through this binary options shit, yet they would go to meet scammers unknowingly to help them recover their money and they would end up losing more money in the process. You can easily identify these scammers with their Fake Testimonies, the thing is some of all these testimonies ya’ll are reading on these forums are fake, scammers are just trying to lure you into their Arms to get you ruined more.

✅ The Only People who are capable of helping you to recover your money are HACKERS, most of this Binary option companies are scam so therefore they have weak Database security, and their vulnerabilities can be exploited easily with the Help of our Special HackTools, Root HackTools And Technical Hacking Strategies. All we do is to hack into the Company’s Database, Extract your files and documents, Decrypt your Transaction Details and some Technical Hacking Procedures follows then you have your money recovered in Bitcoins.

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* PHONE HACKING (giving you Unnoticeable access to everything Happening on the Target’s Phone)

* xxxx

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Mar 14, 2018
by: Anonymous

Have you lost your hard earned money to the binary option scam? Do not give up. I have good news for you. Contact xxx . I had doubts it was possible to recover lost funds but big thanks to xxx for helping me recover a huge sum back. I thought someone might need this info.
Below is a list of scam binary option sites;
And a list of others. You can also contact to enquire about a list of trusted binary option websites.

Note from Brainyforex Admin : Best to work on results based compensation model instead of promises of anticipated recovery of funds.

Oct 12, 2017
Recovered my funds from Gtoptions
by: Ellen Kind

When I got scammed by my binary option broker last year, I was suicidal. Till I was referred to xxx get my money back, they was able to recover a total of 120k I lost last year to Glenridge capital, he is the best and I advise there contact if your in need of a full recover

Sep 18, 2017
all scam
by: Royce

All scams. Lost a lot of money on this but got help through a means to get back my deposit and bonuses. I was able to withdraw them all and I"ll love to share it. These scams need to be dealt with. contact me: xxx

Aug 14, 2017
mxtrade continues making victims
by: Anonymous

dear lady christie
did you recover or did you withdraw the money?
because this is a big different. Mxtrade doesn't allow real gain.
MT4 is demo even if you see real.
can you tell me what you see on the top of your mt4?
who is your account manager?

Aug 14, 2017
How did you get your money back?
by: Anonymous

how did you get back your money?
let us know, it is only luck or some legal way ...

Aug 12, 2017
sad to know that traders are still constantly getting ripped off by brokers
by: Anonymous

So sad to know that traders are still constantly getting ripped off by brokers. They make you commit and suck you dry. I recovered my funds from MXTrade other victims aren't lucky.

Aug 10, 2017
brokers - withdrawing
by: chris

Stay away from MX Trade. It was such a hassle to get my money back.

Aug 10, 2017
by: Anonymous

simply bullshit, trust me

Aug 09, 2017
I have finally recovered my money from MX Trade
by: chris

Hello. Has anyone else recovered fund back from MX Trade? I have finally recovered my money from them.

Jul 07, 2017
MXTRADE'S SCAM videos explaining why


The English videos are;

Italian videos are;

Jul 07, 2017
by: Anonymous

Mxtrade is a just financial robbery.In the videos are well explained the scam.
Avoid to operate with them and share the videos.
who writes positive comments is a just paid liar.

Jul 06, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hello thieves
Please can you show the original message? In Italian language.

Admin's note : Sorry but deleted the original Italian message after using google translate. You could always use the same google translate from English back into Italian. Just use the copy and paste on your computer and go to this url here

Jul 05, 2017
mxtrade or tradester have been robbing people for years
by: Anonymous

They are robbing people for at least 4 or 5 years. I am so sad that people is continuing to give money to those scammers like mxtrade or De Santis the devil.
Sooner or later all mxtrade's thieves will pay everything. Maybe only to God!!! as soon as possible!!!
How can live like that!!!

Jul 04, 2017
by: Anonymous

Dr. De Santis or 90 ° piece as I should call you ...
Aspe aspe that I attach your message ..

"Ax good morning,

Regarding your sister's withdrawal,
If you do not end the batch of the bonus you can only withdraw the total deposit, example: total deposit 30 thousand, has already withdrawn 10 thousand? Then it can take 20,000 and lose profit.

Or you can not withdraw, finish lots, and withdraw everything with profits,

Or else we can do something else, take 2,000 a month and retreat everything.

let me know"

TRANQUILLO MARCO DUE TO BEFORE YOU LIKE A BEAUTIFUL CEMENT BEACH 4m X 3m we'll book it to you and all the people you've robbed ... quiet

The above was translated from Italian using google translate.

Feb 07, 2017
mxtrade scam


Oct 28, 2016
Get money back through MasterCard CHARGE BACK
by: Anonymous

I was in the same situation. I open claims with all organizations related to MXTrade, even notified a FBI. MXTrade paid me back about 40% of my lost money true MasterCard CHARGE BACK. You have to contact your financial institution (which card you used to transfer money from your account to MXTrade account). And open CHARGE BACK case. You have to prove it was fraud (screen shots, bank transaction e.t.c.). My lost was $120K. Got back about $55K. I wish everyone good luck.

Oct 27, 2016
MXTRADE scammers
by: Anonymous

MXTRADE is a company of scammers to me. They thankfully failed to cheat me but prevented me from withdrawing what I made. They let me borrow 10,000 euro to trade so as to gain their trust. Then they prepared the trap asking 50,000 Euros to follow me better and warn me when I had to go to gain. All my negative response prevented me to take the thieves.

NB Admin : This is translated from Italian as shown below. Translation not exactly right but we get the picture of what is said. Thanks.

MXTRADE è una società di truffatori a me per fortuna non sono riusciti a truffarmi ma mi hanno impedito di ritirare quanto avevo guadagnato.Prima mi hanno prestato 10000 euro per tradare e guadagnare la loro fiducia poi hanno preparato la trappola chiedendomi 50000 euro per seguirmi meglio e avvertirmi quando dovevo entrare per guadagnare in sicurezza.Alla mia risposta negativa mi hanno impedito di prelevare i ladri.

Jul 12, 2016
mxtrade blog and video
by: Anonymous

Until a month ago there were many videos against mxtrade.
They disappeared.. why?
The blog too disappeared?
what happened?
The videos and the blog warned people of mxtrade.
I wonder who is really mxtrade...
Who is Marco De Santis,Roberto Desideri, Benedetto staffieri? I listened their names on videos
The Beagle Boys?

I have learned that the blog is migrated to a site

do you confirm?

Jun 08, 2016
just 100€
by: Anonymous

Dear Avenged,
I am sorry for You but I think you are wasting your time.
I did already this complaint to every institutions of these countries(Cysec and others). Cyprus at least answered discharging everything more than one year later, while Belize is a fraud state and never answered...

I hope for you just 100€ lost to me they stole 100k more than one year ago.
Nobody can stop them on doing this kind of things in a legal way, for sure they are a fraud company protected from this kind of countries and to stop them is needed to be like them : CRIMINALS.

They are very good on asking money, likely they will give You the 100€ asking for more later...

To everybody that read this message: DO NOT TRUST THEM !!!

Jun 08, 2016
by: Avenged

Hi, I asked for a withdrawal of 100 €
2 months ago and nobody sent me any answer.
then NOBODY Pick up the phone, no answer to my mails, etc.
Now I'm starting a criminal complaint for fraud,
I will put the complaint in Cyprus and Belize in addition to regulators
of Europe.

Apr 12, 2016
Charge Back?
by: Anonymous

Is it anything we can do to protect ourself besides to not working with MXTrade (It's too late for me, they just take money from my MXTrade account and clean my account history)? A started process of Charge Back (I don't know how successful it's gonna be). Also I open file with FBI.

Apr 12, 2016
The same name and the same bull.....
by: leoT

Dears Anonymous
I read your comments.
I answer only to education.
do you know that mxtrade, tradingbanks and trade12 are the same forex? Sure....
do you know that d tradingbanks frauds through credit card?
Also this month, roberto desideri has stole in 1500 € to a customer..
they are no in Belize anymore, they were driven.
They don't have license...
marco de Santis stole pictures of minors and placed in child pornography sites to blackmail a client.. This is mxtrade..

Apr 11, 2016
MXTrade license expired.
by: Anonymous

I check MXTrade Trading license. MXTrade got license before, it's expired all ready.

Apr 11, 2016
The same name and the same bull.....

The only target in your life is talking bullsh.. about mxtrade???!! That is for sure , your name appears when i tried to read some review about Mxtrade and so i took a look on your ''blog''. Come on man, get a life. You are trying to make money in the dirtiest way possible, throwing shit on Web without producing anything good. I see you are familiar with the 'sellthaihouse' site, you are part of it.

Apr 11, 2016
by: Anonymous

This story is very similar on what happen to me.
I am surprised they had a license, I wrote a lot of complaints by email to the Belize's financial department they never answer, more than one year ago.
Th Mx trade is still robbing people!!!
So this kind of "substate" I think they are agree on all these frauds...

Apr 10, 2016
by: Korolev

I working with MXTrade (Lau Global Services Corp.) since December 2015. On February 26, 2016 by advice of my broker Maria Milkanova I signed a Credit Agreement in the amount of $20,000 to support a margin (it was not necessary, they just lied to me, and forced me to take this credit) . According to the Credit Agreement I had to pay off my credit by March 10, 2016. I paid $400 in time but $19,600 I paid in two payments on March 11, and March 14 by advice my broker Maria Milkanova. She promised to me if I do that I'll not have a any problems, and can withdraw money from my MXTrade account right away after my payment. After I paid off my credit I tried to withdraw the money from my MXTrade account but MXTrade did not let me do this. They said I was charged an interest of 20% a day, and have to make a trading volume of that 20% a day. After I complained about that 20% a day, supporting by MXTrade Terms and Conditions they change the interest charge from 20% a day to 4% annually, which is $7.61. MXTrade mention to me I have to do a trading volume of $76,100, and after that I can withdraw my money. I did that trading volume of $76,100, and MXTrade close my credit. After that I tried to withdraw the money from my MXTrade account but they did not let me do that. MXTrade contacted me by phone, and start threatened me the MXTrade will take money from my MXTrade account , which bring my MXTrade account to negative balance, and will cancel all my deals I made if I'm not going to make a trading volume of $28,092,832.00. On my MXTrade account I have $40,801, plus bonus money $ 21,877, total is $62,678. I did not tried to withdraw a bonus money, just my money ($40,801). I couldn't withdraw my money. MXTrade force me to play. Following the MXTrade Terms and Conditions MXTrade do not have a right to do this. In additional, MXTrade change my MXTrade Account History (I made a screen shots before). I submitted about 7 or more complaints with a Complaint Department of MXTrade - no result, with a MXTrade Finance Dep., with a MXTrade manager no result.

MXTrade just fraud the money from their traders. I checked their license, and it's expired.

MXTrade (Lau Global Services Corp.).

Address: 5 Cork Street, Belize City, Belize, C.A.

Apr 09, 2016
mi fa ridere che Mxtrade sia la vittima
by: Anonymous

Visto che scrivi in italiano ti dico io chi sei tu che scrivi di Mxtrade.
Chi sei fra questi? marco de santis, massimo semerari, ginevra bernardi, giulia bassi, benedetto staffieri e tutti gli altri italiani...(chissa' se poi sono nomi veri)
Siete dei truffatori di primo rango, siete anche coperti da chi?(dal Belize!? o dove avete adesso la finta sede)
A me avete rubato tantissimo, una vita di risparmi, facendomi credere della vostra bravura attraverso truffe informatiche, cioe' alterando i dati che mostrate sulla piattaforma.

Per i poveri clienti attuali considerate che dal momento che avete versato i soldi non sono piu' vostri in nessun modo specialmente se fate bonifici mentre se usate la carta di credito qualche speranza in piu' l'avete.(cosi mi hanno detto gli avvocati)
La Consob ha proibito a questa compagnia di operare in Italia dal 1 settembre 2015 ed e' facile verificare.
Io ho fatto una querela dove almeno chiedo di chiudere il sito in Italia e purtroppo i tempi della giustizia sono eterni e prima di far valere le proprie ragioni quelli hanno truffato tutti i polli italiani come me, tanto riavere tutto quello che vi hanno rubato e' molto difficile, e sicuramente li hanno usati in chissa' quali e quante altre nefandezze.
Poi chi sia LeoT o Torresini poco importa.
Di certo confermo che MXtrade sono ladri ed assassini che giocano con la vita della gente...

Apr 09, 2016
Sembra che la vittima questa volta sia MXTRADE.....
by: Anonymous

Dear Anonymous
first of all you shold write in English not in Italian. OK?
Second point What does mxtrade have to do with sellthaihouse?
I saw sellthaihouse but, I'm sorry, I couldn't see the Torresini's name.
I bet you are mxtrade, don't you?
contrariwise There are a lot of complains agaist mxtrade in all over the world.
But if you see this blog
- money laundering
- isis money laundering

Another site

- m Desantis broker of mxtrade Asked "Is there someone who can take out this jerk?
Mxtrade will pay you very well.
Contact us
code: sniper "
THis should be mxtrade..
Which blog Can I see where you found his name dear anonymous?

Apr 08, 2016
leoT-Torresini: leoT finisce con T come Truffa, Torresini comincia con T come Truffatore
by: Anonymous

Forse tutti i commenti che ho letto possono essere verossimili, forse tutti possono essere falsi, forse tutti possono essere opera di LUI...forse...forse...forse... Ci sono tanti forse e dubbi ma una cosa e' certa leoT e Alberto Toressini sono la stessa persona, come si evince da una pubblicazione da lui fatta su un forum. Volete adesso sapere chi e' questa persona? Questa volta pubblichero un solo link, uno solo (ce ne stanno di link suoi nel web....) Cercate questa persona e ne troverete delle belle... Sembra che la vittima questa volta sia MXTRADE.

Feb 21, 2016
MXTRADE Scam Forex Broker
by: andrei

Hi All

I worked with MXTRADE. I was affiliate. I promoted this scam forex broker on my websites.

They do not paid me my affiliate commission over 180,000$ and they do not paid my customers, too, when they asked cash out of the profits.

Do not invest money and time on this scam broker

Oct 09, 2015
happy trader
by: Anonymous

with mxtrade is impossible to earn. OK
You are a broker of mxtrade.
With fraud you earn

Oct 09, 2015
I am a diamond!
by: Anonymous

Hello platinum mxtrade broker, how much did you steal?
I was a cheated and scammed trader likely from you, the bonus are a very big tricks and trouble.
The serious brokers never ask money and never give bonus!!

Now that the scams are so huge is too easy to verify that mxtrade and his brokers and his financial corporations are very dirty...

why only platinum and not diamond!!!

Oct 08, 2015
Happy Trader
by: Anonymous

I have been with Mxtrade for almost a year now, and I have change account from beginners to platinum and the reason for that is because I am earning good profit out of this. I am getting many benefits from it.

Another thing I like about Mxtrade is the leverage they are offering their clients, aside from the 100% welcome bonus which is a big plus.

Oct 08, 2015
dear Paola
by: Anonymous

Dear Paola
first of all I hope that you have deposited very little amount of money.
Mxtrade people will tell you these are lies.
If You have some concern check on the Cysec and Consob site(the links is written below) ask to any lawyer you know to check what they are doing, they are stealing and defrauding half world.
Pay attention Lau Global Service(the headquarter of mxtrade) doesn't exist so they have no permit to trade.
keep off also from Taris Financial and R-Capital solution, these are empty box to hide everything.
They will keep pushing asking you money.
The best I can recommend is withdraw.
If you want to continue to trade what is matter is take at home more than you have deposited( if they leave you to do it).
Good luck!!!

Oct 08, 2015
by: LeoT

Dear Lady Paola
What do you want to know now that you have already opened an account?
Can you read the post?
Do you want to say that mxtrade is a very good forex?
Mxtrade is involved in the theft of photos in order to blackmail
It's enough?
Mxtrade defrauds customers closing their accounts.
If you are its broke you know very well.
Do you know what is pornography?
this forex is involved

Oct 07, 2015
I want know
by: Paola

Good evening, I would also like information on mxtrade. I opened an account with them and so far I feel good and I also retired, I know of what you speak?

Oct 02, 2015
the truth about mxtrade
by: Anonymous

the truth about mxtrade?
I hope that what I say will be published because it is the truth and it is devastating..
DeSantis of mxtrade stole photos of my son for unclean purposes and for purposes of blackmail.
He has posted a bounty on my head too
I have all proofs.

After the theft of the photos, the violation of facebook and twitter, the theft of a twitter profile, and the publication of some fake profiles on facebook.
Strange email came to me and my wife.
Picture of my son with phrases unequivocal
go to
and you will see all proofs

Oct 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi mxtrade broker, are you telling that you learn how to scam or to fraud or to steal, what else?!! I am eager to know!!!!

Sep 30, 2015
Educational facilitates
by: Anonymous

Due to having much life changing opportunities I have selected Forex as my full time job. And, I am very much dependable on this trading platform for becoming a successful human being. So, I have decided to trade Mxtrade as my EU regulated trading platform where many educational facilities are on hand which is very effective to become a professional trader very rapidly.

Sep 28, 2015
red alert
by: Anonymous

Hey mxtrade brokers or scammers I'd like to know what you think about these links:

You are worst kind of human beings
bye bye

Sep 17, 2015
please continue to trade with them
by: Valter

For sure me and LeoT had the same experience. That's all.
With your post you confirm what I am saying!!!
I am telling that the behaviour of mxTrade and its broker whoever they are is more or less the same as Ponzi scheme, somebody gain (them) and all the other lose.
As LeoT showed (in some other forex site) they change the price of their movements as they want and let you think that you are gaining...
It is not a matter of little issue on platform is a matter of stealing.
Untill you have in your wallet at home more than you have deposited to them please continue, I am the first to recommend them...

Sep 16, 2015
This is the truth
by: Jalal Aban

Hello everyone! Hey Mr. Valter, you want the truth? why don't you tell the truth first. I think you are related to this LeoT, am I right? First of all this is a review site so of course even satisfied customers can post their comments about their broker. All you people do is complain and criticize those who are posting their good experiences about the company. We all have different cases, I have been trading with this broker for 7 months already and yes I admit that sometimes I encounter technical problems and sorts of minor issues, but they always make sure to attend to my concerns and I applaud them for that. When it comes to their trading services I can say that mxtrade is doing a great job, my broker always give me accurate signals and I am earning a lot because of them so no complains. Well you can say what you want but I know that there are real people out there and real traders of mxtrade who are enjoying their profit and will be sharing their experiences soon enough. Good day.

Sep 15, 2015
the truth
by: Valter

Dear all,
whatever people you are brokers or not, it doesn't matter.
Where is the truth?
If you are satisfied for sure you do not need to comment that you are fine with them, why?
There is some interest?
The answer is easy to imagine.
The best advertisement for a company is when there is no comments on this site.
You know better than me that with such a trading you can loose all your money in one microsecond!!
So if you do this by yourself is ok you are aware of that, if mxtrade do this without any authorization is different. How do you call it?
scam, fraud.
If you are a client try to withdraw everything and you'll see what happen.
May be you are lucky and they will leave you take the money.
One more thing on my account, while they were operating they disabled my platform, so after a while when they permitted to enter I saw the amount halved. At that point I prayed Desantis "please stop it!! leave me take what it remained" , you know what is the end...0 remained

Sep 15, 2015
Earning with MXTRADE
by: Ayato Aizawa

My account manager asked me to put minimum deposit and she promise to provide me 70% bonus. So that would be $250 and $175 on her side, upon funding of my account, she asked me to deposit more than the minimum and she will provide me 100% bonus. I was eager to put more since my money will get doubled. After the successful funding, my broker called me and discusses the platform and then gave a good signal, then the second and third trades which all went in good positions. Upon withdrawal, I was chatting with the company’s support team but it’s hard to withdraw my money. I tried to contact my broker and he asked me if I uploaded documents already. I said I haven’t, and that’s the reason why my withdrawal didn’t come smooth. I uploaded the documents needed for verification and there I withdraw all my profits and now I’m inviting my friends to trade in this company.

Sep 15, 2015
ECN Broker
by: Tom Anderson

Actually, As a student I have to depend on my mobile phone for trading. And, I am very lucky to select MxTrade as my trading place where I am able to trade in mobile due to having automated mobile trading software. So, at any times, I can carry on my business at any place. Therefore, from here I can solve my any kinds of problems due to getting 24/5 online support.

Sep 15, 2015
Mxtrade good service
by: LeoT.

Dear sir Frank Byfield

You told that mxtrade have a good service.
Yes of course, but only for himself.
Mxtrade don't allow gain.
Mr. Byfield I have all proof about scams and fraud.
If you gain, mxtrade will reset your account.
Pointless clutching at straws.
You only prove to be a broker with little imagination.
When mxtrade is not able to answer, use the offenses.
I have a lot of email full of insults and profanity from Desantis and Staffieri.
I have sent everything to the prosecutor's office.

Sep 14, 2015
MXtrade good services
by: Frank Byfield

Hi, I have been reading the comments about mxtrade and I noticed that this Mr. LeoT always have bad comments about the company trying to bring it down, but as a satisfied client of this broker I want to state facts about their services. First they do allow withdrawals and pretty fast to I am sure because I was able to withdraw some of my profit from them to use it on my business, I think its normal to encounter some problems but they have their support service to assist on this matter. I have been following my broker's suggestions and so far I am earning and that's all that matters to me, just like Mr. Edgar here I am very very satisfied. I just hope that traders losing their money stop going around and fabricating lies to cover up the fact that its their fault for dealing with things on their own.

Sep 13, 2015
mxtrade shoots only just bullshit
by: LeoT

Dear Valer
Did you read how many bullshit that mxtrade says?
Egdar is a broker of mxtrade.
I've heard a lot of bullshit, but never like those of Egdar.
He withdrew money for the down payment of the house.
We are talking about high digits.
Mxtrade doesn't allow gain so it's impossible what Egdar says.IMPOSSIBLE. OK? Do you understand Egdar?
Mr. Egdar is a Broker of mxtrade.
He is asking money for mxtrade in indirect way.
Valer, we have the right to tell people what mxtrade is. SCAM and Fraud.

Sep 12, 2015
I don't think so
by: valter

Dear Edgar your way to expose your relation with mxtrade is pretty the same as they try to convince people to make a deposit.
You are misleading my position, they with unauthorized movements brought my account empty.
So what can I withdraw now?
This is a matter of integrity, honesty whatever you think.
The only way that I can see now is to bring them to a civil and penal trial for fraud a scam etc etc

Sep 11, 2015
edgar who are you
by: valter

Dear Edgar, maybe you misunderstood my message it is not a matter of withdraw, after my request without any authorization they brought the balance is close to zero account so now there is nothing to withdraw. They build the trust and at the end in a second they destroyed everything.
Think about it,think

Sep 11, 2015
MXTrade is good for me
by: Edgar

Hello there Valter, I understand that you might be upset because of what you experienced with MXtrade, however, I think that just like any other brokerages firm they also have their sets of terms and condition maybe that's why you had difficulty in withdrawing your money. See, up until now I still haven't encountered any problems with them and in fact just last week I was able to withdraw some of my profit that I used to pay the initial deposit for a house that I am buying. I guess you just have to work on your trust with your broker, because me and my broker have a good working relationship and now we both benefit from that. All the best. Have a great day everyone!

Sep 10, 2015 very bad company my story
by: LeoT

finally another.
This shows that mxtrade defrauds people.
Mr. Valter, we have to make war against mxtrade.

Mxtrade is the worst forex scam of world.

Sep 10, 2015 very bad company my story
by: valter

Unfortunately I was with them since january 2015.
At the beginning they promised to take care of my money paying attention on each operation avoiding to go below what deposited, in fact they were look like a magician, very suspicious, more than 95% operations they got very good profit, building your trust.
So Desantis and Bernardi were pushing asking money very often promising good results.
That was true to september when I asked a withdraw of almost all my money for personal reasons.
After this request Desantis started doing crazy movements and emptied my account in a few hours while I asked him please stop doing that.
So guys if you have care of your money please do not trust this very very dishonest company

Sep 10, 2015
MXTrade Broker
by: Anonymous

Mr Egdar
Be careful because the mxtrade not accept gains.
Controls on the network. Society is full of complaints of fraud and scam.

Sep 10, 2015
MXTrade Broker
by: Edgar

Good forex company especially for beginners, they provide forex ebook guides, tutorial videos I tried to watch but some are locked and I have to deposit first to unlock the other free courses. I’m updated of what’s happening in the market since they also provide daily market reports and the best customer service live chat takes really fast to assist me and very friendly too.

Sep 09, 2015
New Trader
by: John Yeary

this is a good broker, I started using mxtrade last month when someone from their company called me and asked me if i would like to open an account with them and so I did, I was really short on money during that time but the account manager gave me a chance to open an account for $100. After activating my account he gave me a broker to help me on my deals, he also assured me that I can have my money back if I decide to close my account after the free three trades. We did good on my first trades so I chose to continue with the company, I am making money with this broker and I can say that I am satisfied, I will continue working with them to see how well their services are.

Sep 08, 2015
I recommend this broker
by: Anonymous

Dear Sir James
I read your post.
I am sure that you are a broker of them.
Mxtrade doesn't allow a gain, especially transfers.
If you are a custormer you will lost all your money
Mxtrade in itlay can't work anymore for scam.
It's enough to go to Consob.
Would you like to see the list of people scammed?

Sep 08, 2015
I recommend this broker
by: James

Hi there mxtrade, thank you for your good service! Last week I just made a withdrawal and went on a vacation with my family, my kids were so happy they played the whole time and I can see how they enjoyed our trip. I'm glad I chose this company, my account manager was very pleasant and he always updates me on what is happening in the market, my broker was also doing an excellent job with my deals, with him I always get the best positions. When I started a few months ago I was so hesitant because I am afraid to lose my money, I am working really hard to earn it and I don't want to be scammed, but thanks to mxtrade I don't have to worry about my money anymore. Definitely the best broker I know so far. I just hope their live chat improve in the future, took a while before they reply. Keep it up! And take care of my money.

Sep 03, 2015
newbies must try
by: Jude

I am new in the trading. I had no idea how it works, I just tried it for fun. My account manager told me that I will not regret starting a live account, so being the spontaneous and risk-taker person that I am, I listened to him. I didn’t have any idea what I was doing; I just went with the flow like how my account manager told me. I was surprised that after just a few months, my money already grew. I’m loving the trading industry, thanks to the good brokers and account manager that mxtrade provided me with. I recommend newbies to give it a try. 

Sep 03, 2015
what kinds o f educationla faclities are you getting from your broker ?
by: Pritom Ahmed

Due to many exclusive educational facilities, I have decided to trade in MxTrade ECN trading broker. By using these didactic facilities, very rapidly, I am becoming a knowledgeable trader. From all amenities, I like most Forex eBook due to getting all successful trading tips with essential terms and conditions. from this ECN trading platform, I got 100% deposit bonus for trading at all times with narrowest trading spread.

Sep 02, 2015
Satisfied Trader
by: Karolina

I have been reading the series of reviews in this page before deciding to make my own review of the brokerage firm MXTrade, I saw a lot of negative comments from traders who lost their
deals, I can't tell if what they say is true but I have to disagree with them, I was an online trader for 3 months now and MXTrade was the firm that convinced me to invest in the stock market. I was looking for the latest gold prices because it was relevant to my business then I came across their website, I studied the website and I opened an account to test their services. After opening a demo and downloading the MT4 platform an account manager called me and suggested that I open a live account to activate my account and start earning real money. He explained to me that if I activaed my account they will give me 100% bonus and that I can also avail of a three free trade with money back guarantee so that after three trades and I decide to close my account I can still get my initial investment back, and I was thinking that it was good because there's nothing to lose, they also provide a leverage of up to 1:400. I was convinced so I opened an account and I put $1000 + $1000 that they gave me, with a total of $2000 on my account I started trading with them. They provided me with a great broker who really knows what he is doing and my account manager always updates me. The MT4 platform was also very responsive and I can monitor the deals. I only have one issue,the withdrawal was not as fast as I expect it to be, it was delayed for a day or two but I guess it's because of my bank. Anyways, Mxtrade is a good broker and helps me to gain profit from my deals. To all fellow traders out there who have bad experince with other brokers, you can try this company, they are great!

Aug 01, 2015
for all Customers who have been scammed
by: Anonymous

Have you been scammed from mxtrade?
Would you like to know all the scams?
Go to

Jul 23, 2015
by: Anonymous

I am paranoid. You are a slimy cockroach and a broker parasite Mxtrade.,
I repeat. You're not a customer, but one of them.
Check the network. You are full of complaints.
I really enjoy your theft report, because they are true.
I'm paranoid, you are a thief of mxtrade.You hide behind a nick, you are one of them.

Jul 22, 2015
by: Henry

Anonymous/Alberto/LeoT/whoever what? Don't you have anything else to do aside from loitering the internet with your paranoid mind? you just stalk and stalk for any review here? you are fond of accusing people. i see now, is this your hobby? Good luck to you then.

Jul 10, 2015
by: Anonymous

The mxtrade remains a crappy forex companies, with all its slimy broker.
The company defrauds every day. You are a broker that works for them.
They just like cockroaches.
You're not a customer.

Jul 09, 2015
by: Henry

You have evidence then complain to the right authority and see how far you go. What do yo mean mxtrade violated your privacy? You're the one posting and posting on the internet your name and all your whining then your name was just mentioned. How's that? You are the one who opened your name or names to the internet. You, yourself violated your privacy. Yes stop whining then. You made your issues worse by posting on the internet like a clown with the different stories and names to tell

Jul 03, 2015
mxtrade is a good broker
by: Anonymous

I lost mxtrade just because Marco Desantis opened operations without my authorization. DeSantis has manipulated the data. He told me laughter. I have all proofs about the scams. They are a mass of thieves, crooks and dishonest.
Now you know my name. The mxtrade violated my privacy.
Shit. I have evidence of fraud.
Your company works without a license but is allowed to fool people
Mxtrade is the worse forex in the world and its broker are parasites, sores, blisters and cockroaches.
Now stop writing well this forex.Really it sucks.

Jul 02, 2015
by: Henry

You don't care about me but you are telling me what to do. I also don't care about you so you can mind your own business whoever you are.

Don't tell me what to do, what to ask mxtrade or anything. You tell everyone here that say good about mxtrade is working for mxtrade. Poor you, I hope you will go out of your misery, you're already paranoid. I've spoken to my broker yesterday and asked if he knows anything about LeoT. He told me, you might be Alberto who open mxtrade account on Italy but is actually living in Thailand. You lost by trading alone and now you're whining and whining all over the internet. Don't you have any other things to do aside from whining? There's no point in crying over spilled milk, you are just wasting your time complaining in the internet, showing off. If you are serious on complaining then complain, if done, then let the people with authority decide on the matter. You are wasting your time and at the same time arguing with people who just want to try their luck in trading. Kindly leave us alone. Don't drag us to your problem.

Jun 29, 2015
by: Anonymous

my dear mr.....
I don't care anything about you. You can trading as you want.
How you answer me I think you are a mxtrade broker.
But if you are a normal client you will lose everything, that's for sure.
Please.. try to ask them the license...

Jun 29, 2015
leave me alone
by: Henry

Hi angry people,

I don't care what you say as long as I am making profit on mxtrade. Mind your own business people. If in case I encounter the same experience you have then maybe I will also whine and join you complain. But right now, I am earning. You want me to complain while earning? You can do whatever you want just leave people like me who wanted to have money in trading.

Jun 26, 2015
angry back
by: Anonymous

I'd like to make an international lawsuit against Mxtrade and RCS.
If you lost a lot of money with them, write me here and give me an email.

Jun 26, 2015
mxtrade is a good broker
by: LeoT

Dear Mr. Henry
If you sail in the net you can see that your broker has a lot of complaints about scams.
It's not my problem. Mxtrade scammed me a lot of money.
It's working without license, it's impossible to know where is your headquarter.
Seycelles? Hong Kong? Malta? Cyprus?
The Lau doesn't exit....
I Think you are working in mxtrade

Jun 26, 2015
mxtrade is a good broker
by: Henry

I like MXTrade, its a broker that I can trust. I've been with the company for a month now and so far I never had any problems with them regarding my trades. In my past trades I lost an amount of money then I thought off pulling out my remaining investment but then my account manager convinced me to hang around with the company and wait for better results, he gave me instructions and advice on how I can get back the money that I lost in my previous change, I decided to give it a chance and I listened to her advice, and I was glad that I did because I was able to recover all my money and win a little bit more. Their account managers really know how to analyze the market, because of these they are able to provide us traders with almost accurate predictions and they also keep their news feeds updated. I really recommend this broker to those who are interest in increasing their profit.

May 29, 2015
by: Anonymous

I at the first I have earned lot of money.
After my broker openden operations without authorization.
In operation I have gained a lot, but they do not want to pay me. They have manipulated the data market. I have reported on many sites mxtrade. I have written to all broken of mxtrade about the scam.
Nobody answered me. They are all accomplices, so pay attention.
We must stop this company.

May 28, 2015
keep going
by: Lenz

Sorry to hear that Leo. My experience looks a bit like yours at the beginning, but then something turns in the right way. Maybe it can help you too Leo, or i hope so.

My experience looks a bit upside down but has a good ending. I didn't try any other brokers cause i am really new in trading. the beginning i was earning a bit and loosing a lot and i didn't understood why people continue trying if this is the game. But expecially because of that, i continued my trading cause i was sure that if people still doing it, it's because it is worth it. But no, still earning and loosing, earning and loosing. So i asked to the broker, how it is possible that i was always going up and down and he suggested me to follow a course with him, cause the trading is of course a matter of lucky since the stock market is not prevedible,but also a matter of logic, statistic and probability. It took a while, but after the effort, i can say that my earnings now are more than my losses. I don't know if i am glad to this company or not, but i am sure i am glad to his broker, who teached me a lot.

May 27, 2015
by: LeoT.

I read with great interest your post.
Give 8 stars out of 10 in a society that is going to be labeled a scam, it means that you work for them.
The Mxtrade with his bad clone Tradingbanks are best left alone.
The Mtrade steals to you all your capital.
E 'typical of this company make false nick to write well of them. one of these is Fortunato. Yes. This gentleman is a broker and he has worked for them.
People need to know that the Mxtrade with clone working without license.
Everything is false

May 26, 2015
8 out of 10 stars for mx
by: Lemy

hi, just thought to drop by in here to tell you about my experience on mxtrade. i am trading for more or less 3 months and what can i say, just like what i've said before, there are pros and cons on every broker. but all in all, i really am happy with what mxtrade provided me with these past few weeks and i even got a withdrawal just the other day. i was talking to my broker the day before and he mentioned their ongoing promo which is money-back guarantee. it's like in a live account, you can trade and if you lose they will give you back your money. from what i understood, this is for new client. i think this is a good opportunity for people out there to start trading. i didn't ask or the full details though.

overall, i am giving mxtrade 8 stars out of 10. hoping for more profit to earn

Apr 16, 2015
For Mr. Fortunato
by: LeoT.

I do not know whether to laugh or cry.
Why don't tell to everybody that you are a broker and you work in Italian mxtrade?
Why don't tell to everybody you are partner to De Santis, Vincente, Desideri?
Why don't you tell to everybody that RCS sold mxtrade only to cover the scam?
I received the emai from mxtrade about the sale of mxtrade.
the new company (LAU Global Services Coproration) is a fake.
- email doesn't exist (server error)
- Phone numeber not connected
- fake address (Hong Kong)
- license is a fake
- IFSC doesn't know the company

But it's not finished
Today I saw the the company changed again.
It's not LAU but another, the (R, Capital Group)
Registered office in British Virgin Island
Even here there are problems. YES
- The company doesn't exit , it's a fake
- The address is inaccurate
- the company doesn't have a website
- the licence it's a fake

Now, please

Apr 15, 2015
on track
by: Fortunato

I was disappointed when I lost completely on my trade for the first time i join MXTRADE. To test them further, I give in to depositing another amount and got a little bit annoyed when it just break even. But thank goodness i held on for this long that now I see my trades win and reward me with earnings.

I have follow the brokers advice and up to day my account is getting up slowly. Following the advice of my personal broker, i gain more compared to when i rely on my own trading decisions. Currently, my account does well and i am happy with it.

Apr 08, 2015
love them or hate them its your choice
by: Lemy

for me, mx is a decent broker with issues that the company should be taking care of so that clients will be contented more of the service. i've had several arguments with my account manager and broker to the point i requested another broker to assist me on my trade or stop trading with them. all brokers, in my opinion have their highs and lows, you just need to understand them, know their issues, then decide to love them or hate them. in my case, i don't love mxtrade but I like them as a broker. they are regulated (better to trade with than non-regulated ones, obviously). after the issues i've encountered with them, esp on the broker and not so quick withdrawal process, i got comfortable trading and also got a normal profit which i am ok with. for the time being, i won't look for another broker to trade with. will stay at mxtrade and see how far I go

Apr 08, 2015
mxtrade fraud
by: angry black

I lost 5000 $ with mxtrade in one months
After thay called me to ask again money.
They are very craky.

Apr 06, 2015
bank transfer
by: Anonymous

I'm waiting for more than 20 working days a bank transfer. I asked to them. They told me to wait for, to keep quite because my money could disappear.

Apr 06, 2015
good broker, just need faster withdrawal
by: Lemy

i earn profit overnight and ordered a withdrawal request the following day. i got tht money 3rd day which is a bit slow, although i can forgive mx because at least i have got my profit now. they should have faster withdrawal process

Apr 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

Make as you want
I told you "Pay attention"
At the beginning I earned a lot of money me too...
But after.... you'll be screwed as me...
pay attention

If you want to see my screenshot where you can see the scam, I will sent to you them.


Apr 01, 2015
withdraw request
by: Anonymous

I wrote somewhere in the review and complain about this withdraw request I have on MXTRADE. It all clears to me now that there is delay because I was not able to upload verification documents needed which I insisted I did before. Turned out, I forgot to attach the document that should be sent. I just saw this after weeks of waiting, when I check on my sent emails. Sorry for this, I forgot what site is

Mar 30, 2015
trading contest
by: Doro

my recommendation is that mxtade to make trading contest to spice things up, im trading on it, and all seems on good place but what i am missing is contests which they do not have right now. other than that, i am satisfied with using this company to trade

Mar 27, 2015
mxtrade is a great broker
by: Benjamim

hi. i am trading for more than three months now on mxtrade and have not encountered major issues so far. i'm sorry to hear about your experience lisco, but here in Lisbon, mxtrade is doing great in giving me signals and profits

Mar 26, 2015
MXtrade --- scam Forex
by: lisco

the worst service.
They call me to ask money, money, money.
One day : 40.000 $
second day: 50.000$

I'm fed up... I'm pissed off.
They admitted the error. They told me "Sorry for your damage. Give us other money and I will help you"
This is Italian mxtrade.

Mar 25, 2015
getting profit yes
by: Anonymous

Hello my name is Tarzalzal

I just want to share what is my experience in the promotion $50 no deposit required.
First of all i want to say thank you to my account manager who helped me to reach my trading volumes and helped me to withdraw my profit.
Thanks for the $50 promotion and im looking forward for the other promotion that your going to release again from you company.


Mar 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

Ania Bilski
You ware very lucky.
I have earned with their me too. But they were preparing the trap.
Pay attention

Mar 23, 2015
MXtrade --- scam Forex
by: Anonymous

PAY ATTENTION about this broker
They opened the operations with my authorizations.
They edited graphics to lose me. I have the proofs.
They called me and threatened me.
In my mt4 four minutes disappeared, they opened operation and I lost 82.500 $
Go away from this broker
do you want to see the scam?

Mar 18, 2015
by: Anonymous

i want to thank you mxtrade for helping me trade for maybe 4 months i don't know the tools on trading but they teach me on how to do it in their platform. i have many question and they answer it and teach me. i earn latest on the euro falling down and i very happy to withdraw what i earn

Mar 10, 2015
satisfied trader
by: Greg

hi, my name is Greg Thomas 4 yrs in trading. in 4 yrs of trading experience, i tried to work with 5 different companies. most of them made me a little profit. til someone called me from MXTrade, at first i was hesitant to try the company. but how can you tell the company if its good or not if you're not going to try. so, i invested $500 to test the company. im glad that MXTrade gave me the best profit i ever had in trading. most of the companies offered the same thing w/ low spread, bonus. leverage and everything. the good thing with MXTrade is they have the best information they are always accurate and they know how to execute. i can say they make 70-80% profit and 30-20% risk. experience the best broker in the world, they are!. test the company and see what they can offer

Jan 15, 2015
Good for beginners
by: Solene

I should say that the is worth the try, especially for beginners, as the platform is rather user friendly and easy to use. Spreads could be a bit better in my opinion.

Jan 12, 2015
I don't like the spreads
by: Anonymous

I don't like the spreads on mxtrade though the service was good.

Jan 07, 2015
Good broker
by: Sam

I started trading with this broker a month ago and the service I recieved from them was good. The broker that I spoke with ( I forgot his name) was really nice and assisted me through out my trade. He always get in touch with me and making follow ups about the events on the market. Right now I am earning from this broker and I am glad to share my mxtrade review to everyone.

Dec 29, 2014
good support and platform
by: Niklas

Here is my review for this broker MXTrade. I just started trading on this broker last month and I am getting good on this. At first, their support assisted me on using the demo account which has a platform that I find it very easy to use and their platform is good as well. When I created the live account, the broker immediately gave me the 100% bonus he promised and making my deposit doubled.

With regards to withdrawal, the broker easily assisted me to get my cash fast which is a good thing with them. Mxtrade is one of the broker that i can recommend to everyone.

Dec 15, 2014
Great Service
by: Anonymous

I just started trading on MXtrade, so far I am gaining profit. I have no issues on using their Trading

Platform. I haven't encountered any problems, good customer service and execution.

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