My rating is related to what experience is stated below. Four Stars.

by Fernando Almeida

Although a 6 month newbie I have tried (why not?) other brokers which would offer MT4 at their demo accounts.

I found that FXCM demo MT4 has lags on opening and closing positions, which, by my figures (although paper money trading,I treat it as if it was real and mine to take care of) as much as 10 pips per position.

The so called "spikes" have not shown up during trades, (by the way I only trade mini account with .05 lots and 3% risk, long or short) so I come to conclude that it would be strange coincidence that those so called "spikes" are happening only on those occasions. My worry is "what if it happens during real money trading)?

On other brokers I´v tried I also found the same problem with less differences in pips, but I thought maybe that is because I trade 5 currencies and when the market is "hot" I don´t use Stop Loss that can be followed and played against me; so perhaps the brokers do it on purpose to compensate somehow for non existent Stop Loss - and so they boost up the open and close positions with spikes. That is the reason why I only rate it 4 stars.

Maybe in real money trading things will be different but just in case I think I´ll follow your advice and look for a VPS server. Thanks a lot for your reliable information - on just about everything - for I find it very valuable.

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