New traders and Forex bonus offers – what to watch for

by James

Since Forex market went online, it has become a super attractive field for progressing, making an additional outcome and even developing personal analyzing skills – in real life and at real time. Such a move in foreign currency trading has gained millions of new admirers and fans. Probably, you are one of them, too. As a newcomer on the Forex market, there's a lot for you ahead to learn and practice. This might sound to you bit scary and worrying, but don't worry. There's one good news for you, if you are a new trader. As such you receive one great advantage that old players and high punters don't. We are speaking about the bonuses...

As a newcomer you will be regularly welcomed by different online Forex platforms with some really attractive and intriguing bonuses. They are given only to new traders. You should now that and accept it as a large benefit. Because bonuses for newcomers can be really advantageous! You will also find these bonuses as welcome bonuses. These both terms refer to the same thing – a reward for staring your online experience in a particular Forex broker. But save for beneficial, welcome bonuses might be also tricky. So, before starting trading online or registering in a preferred Forex website, you will need to learn some basic information about welcome bonuses. Hopefully, we are here to provide with this information. Get the benefit of it, too.

Welcome bonuses are mostly given for newcomers not only to reward with more money to trade with. They are also offered for you to test the Forex platform. If you like it, you will stay. If you don't, you will leave. Though, due to the bonus you receive, you will not lose a lot. Moreover – you may also not lose anything. So with this explanation we get to one more important thing – the two main types of welcome bonuses.

The first of them is the No Deposit Bonus. This is the better one from both. You receive it right after you register in the at as a newcomer. The website inserts its own money into your own e-wallet of the Forex platform. Thus, you can make up your mind whether to stay on the website, or leave. So, as a new trader you will mostly always receive money to play in the beginning. Sound like a nice start for your trading right?

Keep in mind, though, that there is one more other welcome bonus. And it isn't like the No Deposit Bonus! Now that and avoid being tricked. The Welcome Bonus – the regular one – gives you only an extra amount of it. But you cannot start trading for free. The bonus works on the following scheme. You make an initial deposit and according to the Welcome bonus scheme your primary amount of money is increasing. For instance a bonus for 50% with a deposit of 100 USD will give you a primary amount for trading equal to 150 USD.

Good luck, newcomers in the Forex world!

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