Option World and Binary Options Xposed

by Carrie

Option World & Binary Options Xposed
I first came across Binary Options Xposed while looking for a good signal service. They were offering a month of free signals with a trading system include if you opened a $2500 account with their "preferred broker" Option World. So I did. Only problem was that I deposited the $2500 into the Binary Option Xposed account instead of opening the account with Option World. To fix this, I opened a $100.00 account with Option World, and Binary Options Xposed transferred my money into the Option World account I had opened with $100, so now I had a $2,600 account with Option World, and signal service From Binary Options Xposed.

An interesting fact is that Option Worlds CEO Kristian Jacobs is the person who personally facilitated the transfer of my funds from Binary Options Xposed into the Option World Account. Both of these companies are clearly connected and run by the same individuals. When I first logged onto my account after the funds had been deposited I noticed the balance was much higher that I had deposited. I then found out that I had been given a 50% "bonus". Apparently many binary Options brokers do this. About two or three weeks later I was unhappy with the signal service which I seemed to always get just late enough to not be able to get in on a trade at the number being recommended by the service to get in on. In addition the trading platform at Option world did not have the correct GMT times for expiries or even at the top of the website for the actual time GMT time. I contacted Option World to no avail, and decided that it was time to move on to a better trading platform and a better signal service or education.

I requested to withdraw and liquidate my account and the people at Option World were very rude, and unprofessional. They told me that I could not withdraw my money because when the account was opened/money deposited I received a "promotional" bonus and their terms and conditions for withdrawal of funds is;

"In order to withdraw, you are required to have executed a minimum amount of 30 trades for every dollar of the "bonus" that had been put into your account. The bonus can only be withdrawn when the preceding stipulation has been fully met and fulfilled. The withdrawal of funds from an account cannot be completed until the bonus conditions have been satisfied."

Since my total deposit came to $2600.00 they gave me a $1300 bonus added to my account. Now this means that in order to withdraw $1.00 from my account which means I will have to have made 39,000 trades before being allowed to withdraw any monies. To begin with I do not want the bonus I only want the money I deposited less any money I may have lost on any bad trades. I told them this and they laughed at me. One of the main reasons why I wanted to move my money is their trading platform does not even have the correct expiry times which makes it impossible to make winning trades. I tried to speak to them about this issue to and they refused to help. I really think that Binary Options Xposed an Option World, both of which I found is operated and owned by the same people and entity, are just a scam to get your money so they can invoke this crazy bonus rule. The entity that owns both of these companies name is Charge XP Investments Ltd. Located in Cypress. I never agreed to a bonus, and though they have no proof of agreement, they told me that "I will never see my money again". I have also found that the Entity that owns and operates Option World and Binary Options Xposed operates online casinos. These two Companies are nothing more criminal enterprises to separate you from your money. I also found that many other Binary Option websites are also owner by this company; Charge XP Investments. Be very careful when considering a Binary Options trader!!!

Option World and its CEO Kristian Jacobs (who I have contacted via email as well as Facebook), has set everything up to make sure whoevers' money they get is bound to fail either by making bad trades (due to the time issues on their trading Platform), and running out their account, or being destined like myself to making 39,000 trades (which equals 325 trades a month for a year or to break it down further you would have to make a minimum of 16 trades a day trading 5 days a week) before you could ever make a withdrawal. I just don't think this is right. Had I known these conditions I would have never accepted the bonus or opened an account with this company. Do yourself a favor STAY AWAY from Option World, Binary Options Exposed and Kristian Jacobs. Fraud, fraud FRAUD!! You will never see your money again!!

Binary Options Xposed, Option World, Kristian Jacobs (CEO of Option World) and Charge X.P. Investments in Cypress are all a fraud. They stole $2600.00 from me and are under investigation by the SEC.

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Sep 28, 2012
Bankoptions auto trade program Does anyone else have more information
by: raccoon

I invested $1,300 with binaryoptionsxposed in their AT pgm in "their Broker" Bankoptions. (which I,m sure is part of Kristian Jacobs/option world ponzi). They matched my deposit 100%, so I started with $2,600 two weeks ago. Today at end of 2 weeks trading, we get the PW so we can peek at our account growth, and my account is up to $3,800!! I'm really excited and then I stumble across this web site/review. Does anyone else have any experience with this auto trade program with binaryoptionsxposed using (their) broker "bankoptions"?? I was aware up front that I couldn't withdraw ANYTHING, until the account has traded 30X their matched funds. That will only take about 9 weeks and my account will be around $150,000 haha (every week they raise the amount per trade to 5% of account balance. feedback please, Raccoon (rossc127@gmail.com)

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