picked up four fake reviews for fbs from indonesian computer

by Admin

Scam. Sad to see a bad practice of fake reviews coming in from the same computers in Indonesia.

As at June 2012, there have been two different computers from Indonesia sending in double reviews under different names recommending FBS. Four fake reviews in total. This certainly does not look good for FBS.

FBS is welcome to try and explain what is going on with these fake reviews.

For organizations engaging in the dangerous practice of encouraging people to send in fake reviews to build up a company throws a big dark cloud over the entire organization as to it's integrity. The question is if they are using these dishonest practices what other dishonest practices are they engaging in?

Brainyforex is not making any allegations here, rather just reporting what has happen and encourages FBS to respond to what has happen.

FBS is now listed as SCAM, until company can explain these four fake reviews.

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