Pips Geek could be programmed with no stop loss to increase accuracy

by Fritz

Pips Geek was tested on demo account for 81 days. (2 November 2010 to 28 Jan 2011). Opening balance $50,000. Closing balance $126,700.29. Broker AskOBid. 25 Winning trades, 0 losers, 1 floating with $24,090.87 profit. Average length trades open was 29.51 hours.

Decided to cease testing this forex robot on demo because after 81 days it had racked up 25 straight winning trades with no sign of slowdown. Incredible system designed by Angela Adams BUT KEEP READING....

Ran 2nd demo test on mini account with FinFX.

The second demo account showed that the 225 pip stop loss did not activate with the default settings.

Update at 25 March 2011

Looks like there is a major problem with this trading system. I thought there may have been a problem that I may have created setting it up that caused the stop loss of 225 pips to malfunction. Not so! Another forex review site has had the same problem.

The forex review site believes that PipsGeek developers programmed it so that there is no stop loss in an effort to increase its accuracy rate.

This goes to show that it is important to test forex robots thoroughly on demo accounts first with different account balances for a reasonable length of time.

I have tried to contact the developers with no response from them.

At this stage view PipsGeek as a MAJOR PROBLEM! (Nice way of saying scam).

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