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The system developers believe their system based on "Time Trading Technology" (TTT) is one of the most consistent and profitable Forex systems ever created.

To provide solid evidence for the systems performance, they started for the week ending 9 October 2009 to have independent third party results posted publicly. Refer below.

Trading results going back from March 2008 are shown on Prospera Trade's website. These results are data from experienced traders whom began trading the system back at that time.

You will notice that the system has had two losing months within that time period. So don't expect every month in the future to be profitable either. third party results posted below for the first week ending 9 October 2009. To preview actual trading statements, click on the image below [sorry no longer available].

prosperatrade results

Week 1, 9 October 09 = + 662 Pips.
week 2, 16 October 09 = + 1076 Pips.
week 3, 23 October 09 = + 141 Pips.
week 4, 30 October 09 = -310 Pips.

Total Month October = + 1569 Pips

November - Negative results refer third party statement

December - Negative results refer third party statement

Update 2 February 2010
This system is now taken off the recommended list as third party trading results have ceased being published.

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