Scalp Trader Pro may be fxphantom repackaged

by Fritz

Something not quit right with Scalp Trader PRO? Keep reading why we stopped testing this EA.

SCALP TRADER PRO has been removed from testing as at 1 February 2016 because during testing the metatrader terminal came up with a message saying the account was trying to reconnect to ScalpTraderPro is marketed as a EA from Doug Price but shows some connection with William Morrison (FXPhantom)?

In the past brainyforex has tested fxphantom with poor results. Read review on this page here If you type in into your browser, you will be redirected to another of Doug Prices EA's called VortexTraderPro.

If you are still interested in monitoring future results of ScalpTraderPRO, then please refer to results as they do match those achieved by us using our live account.

Results for Scalp Trader PRO as tested by us turned off during 17 Dec to 8 January due to xmas break has produced $5.30 profit (38.7 pips) on $100 live account for 2 months from 1 December 2015 to 1 February 2016. Being 4 trades with 100% accuracy.

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