Silver Investment Fund (SIF) is a professionally managed forex fund on Zulutrade

by Anonymous

5 Stars. Silver Investment Fund (SIF) is a professionally managed forex fund on ZuluTrade.

Trades are executed on 2 different currency pairs. Strategy used is a trend following price action system. Technical analysis are based on 4 hour charts. One trade for each currency pair is opened at the same time. Each trade has fixed stoploss, no more than 30 pips. Target profit is not determined, manual trailing stop is used. This way, maximum profits are secured, while losses are cut small.

When a big trend is caught and the first position for that currency pair is in nice profit, another position can be added to get as much profit from that trend as possible. This way, your risk remains same, but profits can be much higher.

Investors (followers) are advised to set their lot size according to SIF´s statistics (esp. Max. DrawDown and Necessary Minimum Equity). Also please check SIF´s Winning Trades Ratio and Trading History, so you have a clear idea about losing streaks. Also note that winning trades always outweigh losing ones.

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended not to risk more than 2% of your trading capital. If you wish to keep your risk to minimum, set your lot size to 1% per trade.

For example: Set 1 microlot (0.01) for every $300 of your trading capital.

Final Note: SIF is designed to secure a long term profitable investment for investors and followers. If you wish to gain huge profits in small time period or you expect close to 100% winning ratio, then this investment fund is not for you and you should choose other signal provider.

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