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Sorry this product is no longer available.

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Quick information from SimpleForexTester website:

The Simple Forex Tester is a software program that hooks directly into your MetaTrader 4 platform and allows you to transform the MT 4 platform into a virtual “DVD Player” where you can simply re-play the markets and place virtual trades…tick for tick!

Overly complicated systems are frustrating to use… so we made The Simple Forex Tester easy – right away – so you can spend less time tinkering with the software and more time focused on practicing your trades.

With a simple five minute installation – you will be ready to trade. Once up and running, Simple Forex Tester allows you to utilize all of your brokers historical data to re-play the market for ANY pair, ANY timeframe, with the use of ANY indicators or strategies.

The Simple Forex Tester is extremely user friendly. Most actions require only one click! But if you still can’t figure it out – we not only offer training videos to enhance your education, but also have a customer support team to guide you through any questions you may have.

The Simple Forex Tester Allows You To:

* Trade with any pair, any timeframe (up to Daily), on any amount of time
* Speed Up/Slow Down the market (from real time all the way up to 300x market speed)
* Pause/Resume the market (just like pausing a DVD with your remote control!)
* Place Instantly Executed Buy/Sell Orders (spot trades)
* Place Pending Orders (Buy Stop/Sell Stop/Buy Limit/Sell Limit)
* Track your account balance graphically and in real time
* Automatic execution of Stop Loss and Take Profit prices for every order
* Application of Trailing Stops and Breakeven levels For Any Order (not normally available in your normal MetaTrader 4 platform!)
* Modify Any Open Order At Any Time
* Visibly Track vital statistics about your account and trades
* Place an unlimited number of simultaneous trades (both instant and pending)
* Review a full report given after ”practice sessions” with essential information such as Profit, Loss, Win/Loss Percentages, Average Wins/Losses, Drawdown, and MUCH more! You’re probably wondering how much an education like this is going to cost you? I mean – there is always a price for short cuts, right?

You should be a part of the 5% of successful traders. You should have the knowledge and resources you need to thrive in the Forex market. As we said before, practice will get you where you need to go…

Simple Forex Tester software saves traders TIME.