StrategyQuant EA Wizard is fantastic

by Fritz

4.5 stars. Having created a handful of trading strategies with StrategyQuant EA Wizard it is really easy. Once you have watched the introduction videos a couple of times and got an understanding into the logic of the program it is so simple to create EA after EA in very little time.

A completely new novice whom has not had any exposure to EA building may need to do a little reading into the subject. At this stage, StrategyQuant does not have a comprehensive user manual explaining how to do a lot of things. For example, if your not familiar with using SHIFT numbers relating to prior bars - then you may need to do a little homework as I could not find any explanation within the instructional video's on basic topic such as this. Hopefully, Mark will add more information soon.

The software's logic is to create the trade strategy setup by using the left and right drop-down functions which contain the indicators and price functions such as bid, ask, open, close, high, low etc. It must be remembered to match the magic number with the strategy commands and the order commands. A great feature so that several strategies can be incorporated into the one EA very easily.

After creating the strategy and order command(s) then its just a matter of saving the EA and then pasting it into your Experts Folder in Metatrader.

The whole process is easy from start to finish. Installation of the program also went well. So far in the couple of weeks of using the program I have had no issues with the software.

The software is suitable for both novice and experts. The advanced features will keep any trading enthusiast happy. If it's not included, just ask Mark and he will probably add it.

I rate the software four and a half stars out of five stars. As at 5 April 2013 V1.6 the only fault I can find is that I would like to see a comprehensive user manual explaining all the features, tips and tricks. There are instructional video's included but for the complete novice whom does not know anything about EA's more instruction on how to "do this" and "do that" relating to specifics would help lots. The forum will no doubt grow in time.

Overall, a great job by Mark Fric. I am sure StrategyQuant EA Wizard will grow into one of THE BEST EA BUILDERS on the market.

Public review page here

This product has now been improved and updated onto a browser version as at 2020.

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