The Forex Market Earning from Nothing


While not everyone may agree that money makes the world go round, it is still important for money to flow around the world. Finance markets make money circulate from place to place and one of these currency markets is foreign exchange trading, also known as Forex Trading.

Why Is There Even a Forex Market?
The foreign exchange market mainly exists for the assistance in currency exchanges for international corporations. These companies have a constant need for currency trades for the use of payrolls, payments for goods and services, etc. These actual needs, however, cover only a portion of the market and majority of the trades are actually just speculative. In this market, trades are made based on the rise and fall of market values of the tradable goods; in this case it’s the currencies. This is why the foreign exchange market can be greatly affected by news on politics and economics.

Making Profit Out of Selling Nothing
People earn by buying or selling currencies depending on what direction the market is going. To profit, you must buy a currency, then sell it when the price increases – or you can also sell a currency and buy it back when its price decreases. As with any other market, prices adjust depending on the supply and demand of what you are trading.

In forex trading, you’re basically buying or selling nothing because there are actually no physical currencies being traded. It is a speculative market and everything can be done on a computer. Forex trades can be made anywhere with an internet connection. Trades are done online, and they’re open 24 hours a day and 5 and a half days every week.

How Do You Buy Currency?
In order to buy something, you must first learn its price and when two currencies are being exchanged, it’s confusing to know what the price is at first. This is why one must learn about currency pairs.Currency pairs indicate the two currencies being exchanged. The price is the exchange rate or how much of one currency is needed to buy 1 unit of another. In each exchange, there are two currencies involved but there is only a single price.

There are four major currency pairs being traded in the foreign exchange market:

The Euro and Dollar or EUD/USD
The Dollar and Japanese Yen or USD/JPY
The British Pound and Dollar or GBP/USD
The Dollar and Swiss Franc or USD/CHF

There are other different currencies being used but these four are used by the majority.

Getting to know the very basics of forex trading gives one a foundation in learning more about this finance market. “Foreign exchange trading may be hard to grasp at first – and the concept of trading “nothing” may be a new thing to most and may be scary to invest in, but forex trading is a big need for multinational trades and this proposes a stable future” quoted by an analyst from, an Egypt Forex broker. There will always be a necessity for currency trades and there may be endless opportunities to get hands-on with foreign exchange trading.

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