The Vain Search for the Holy Grail

by Ozzie

The Holy Grail. A mythological object said to be used by Jesus at his Last Supper. Legend has it that it possesses miraculous powers. Forex traders have dubbed their search for an EA with miraculous profitability the ‘search for the holy grail’. But like the object of Christian lore does it really exist?

Trades talk, their eyed glazed over of finding one specific system that will guarantee them continual and supreme success in the market. Some software packages claim to be the Holy Grail and this only adds to the legend of the ultimate system.

Many traders are in the quest of searching for the Holy Grail system that allows them to earn profitable results without even incurring any losses on their part. Some say that it doesn’t exist, others still believe that it is there and the only reason why it hasn’t been known yet is that those who know about it are keeping it to themselves.

I admit that I tried seeking for such a perfect strategy when I first entered forex. I spent hour and hour researching and reading, testing and optimizing but never found it. When I say I never found it – I mean I never found the one, true magnificent system which only wins, never loses and will take me onto eternal riches by next month. What I did discover was that I was overlooking many solid systems which produced less spectacular results, but when combined in a portfolio could give the mirage of a Holy Grail.

The search for the Holy Grail of systems could have continued, taken up all my efforts but I doubt it would ever be found.

Should I keep searching, hoping for the winning lotto tickets to appear in front of me? Or should I concentrate on good honest systems which provide a return any sensible investor would be happy with?

After a year or so at the start of my forex journey I realized the only way to truly win in forex is with consistency. Just like you cannot live your life expecting to win the Lotto to make all money matters right, you cannot trade forex expecting to find the Holy Grail.

Did you know, that if you live 16km from a Lotto ticket outlet, you have a higher statistical chance of dying driving to purchase your lotto ticket, then you do of winning the Lotto with the ticket you risked your life to buy?

Getting up, going to work. Putting in the effort. Doing your job according to the instructions is what buys you your car, pays your mortgage, takes you on holidays and allows you to retire.

In forex it’s the systems which consistently pick up the small returns, follow their logic, do their job waiting for their moment to trade which earn you the returns. If you spend your time searching for the Holy Grail, you miss these returns and very soon find you have wasted valuable capital and lost time.

My advice to traders, forget about the Holy Grail. Treat with scepticism anyone who claims a Holy Grail. Work with systems which show consistent results. Use good money management. Use portfolio theory. Take advantage of compounding returns.

I will leave you with a link about the search for fortune and glory, a lifetime trying to get your hands on the Holy Grail. It is a song famous in my part of the world (Australia) by a band called Hunters & Collectors; this is their tale of heartbreak:

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Mar 23, 2011
Agree wholeheartedly
by: Admin

I Agree that consistency of profits in trading system is the key to success. How often is it that great results that have been achieved over a few months are soon wiped out by a losing streak or one or two large losing trades!

Better to have a smooth consistent rate of return from ones investments than larger radical ups and downs. Recovery from the larger drawdowns may never happen?

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