Todd Mitchell's emini program waste of money and a sham

by Kim
(Detroit, MI)

The emini program which I took several years ago was a complete waste of money and a sham. The only individual who made money was Todd Mitchell. He got $1,800 and I lost $1,800.00

Basically the program directs you to buy pullbacks to a Keltner channel - generally via the use of Fibonnaci numbers. As you might have guessed, such pullbacks work sometime, and other times, they don't; obviously, there's nothing magical about them. Furthermore, when you logged onto his daily briefings of trades that were valid during that given day, you received an after-the-fact curve fit of Mitchell taking just the 'correct' trades as, of course, anyone can do in retrospect.

As for guaranteeing his mentorship 'for life', that's a crok of crap; I phoned a few times and found a somewhat distant, unfriendly, and very uninformed man on the other end of the phone who couldn't even answer the most basic questions. For example, when I asked what the relative value in points would be between the E-mini (ES) and the Nasdaq e-minis (NQ), his answer was, "I only trade the eminis"! That would be like asking a heart doctor, "where's the liver" and he replies "I don't know, I'm only a heart doctor".

I'm amazed this gentleman hasn't been run out of business on a rail. Needless to say, don't waste your time or your hard earned money.

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Nov 26, 2020
Todd Mitchell sells anything that involves all the markets
by: Robert

How is this guy still around. He sells anything that involves all the markets. You can't find any independent group/person to give any of his courses a thumbs up. Check out Forex Peace Army.

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