Toms EA trial did not work for us

by Fritz

Not sure if Toms EA is a scam? This is my personal experience with this robot; I got an email from Dustin Pass offering a free trial of Toms EA. I was a bit skeptical because in Dustin's introduction video he said that he had not checked on the trading results of Toms EA for quite some time and when he did he found out that the robot had performed profitably. This rang warning bells because why would you just leave a robot to run for a long duration without checking on it as most EA's come with lots of hype and big expectations. (Sounds like Dustin did not expect Toms EA to perform so he just let it run without checking?)

Anyway, I decided to test this forex robot and see how it would perform during the free trial period. Installation seemed to go well and the HUD display showed a smiling face indicating that the EA had been installed successfully. After a few days it had not made any trades and it would not accept my password and / or login to authenticate.

I sent an email for support and asked for them to reissue a password / login so that it would start working but they said that their policy had changed and they do not support the trial version and I should buy it instead. They also said that the trial version had expired which was not true.

I get the feeling (I may be incorrect?) that Toms EA is just an exercise in email collection. Dustin Pass still has a webpage up 4 June 2013) offering a two week free trial of this robot when the support department is refusing to provide me within the two week period with another login / password.

I am not happy with type of false advertising - promises of a free trial when there is none and they get your email address so they can send out sales pitches for other products or entice you to buy their software without the trial period.

Very bad for Dustin Pass and Toms EA.

Below are emails as mentioned above;

Hello Fritz,
Thank you for contacting us.
At this point we no longer support trial version of the program and time limit on your account should have been expired as expected. If you are willing to use our software for more time - you can easily do that by purchasing one of our packages at:
Our software comes with 100% moneyback guarantee over 60days, so you can easily work with it for more then a month and then decide whether you'd like to keep it or not. Should you have any other questions - feel free to contact us.
Best Regards,
Serg D.
Tech Support

My response; ......

Hi Serg
Thanks for your email reply but I never got a trial for Tom's EA as promised by Dustin Pass last week. (27th May 2013). How can your policy change within two weeks? I only downloaded the program on the 27th May and then contacted your support that the EA was not making any trades. That was only 9 days ago.
To me, this change in your policy looks like the whole thing was just an exercise in collecting email addresses with no real trial being offered in the first place?
Not very happy with your false promotion / advertising.
Fritz Gewerth forex review site

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Sep 09, 2015
I Agree
by: Demetrios Angelos

Dustin is committed to using affiliates to steal leads from their lists and then launching to them. Only after he completely finishes launching to the leads he stole will they allow affiliates to join a launch to steal more leads. An ethical affiliate program will offer commissions for life on any lead that came from an affiliate.

They also seem to be very shady and unethical about whether their products work. For instance, the ALR product which had a high price and no refund. If it worked they could have made it a subscription and eventually sold many thousands with recurring payments.

Jun 04, 2013
Update 5 June 2013 bait advertising Toms EA
by: Fritz at

Hi Daniel

I looked at your offer page today (5 June 2013) and you still have the same offer A free trial when there is no free trial.

This looks like Dustin Pass is just trying to collect email addresses with no real free trial. If there is no free trial available why is your webpage offer still live today the 5 June 2013?

Does not look ethical to promise a free trial when there is no free trials available anymore.

Trying to encourage me to buy your product without the promised free trial is tantamount to false advertising, a bit like a used car salesman advertising a car at a big discount, and when people go to the car yard the salesman says that the car has already been sold but while your here take a look around our yard at our other cars. In the car industry it's called "bait advertising" and is unethical and illegal. What I have experienced is bait advertising and plenty of other people will experience the same thing - 'encouraged to buy your product without promised free trial'.

Fritz [forex review site]


We offer the trial for 1 month but at some point we have to cut if off. You came in at the very end of the trial period, so unfortunately you weren't able to test it out. BUT, that's why we offer the 60 day money back can try the whole version out and if for any reason you want a refund, we honor that.

I apologize for the trial misunderstanding, I can see how it would be frustrating but unfortunately we don't have any other way of doing it.


Hi Fritz,

That pages should have been shut down earlier this week, I am not sure why it wasn't closed. Anyhow if you are affiliate of ours, you should probably be aware that we ask our affiliates to send certain links on certain days that way we basically push traffic on one or another page. Without traffic page you mentioned above is literally useless, since it is not indexed in google or anything like that and without direct traffic it gathers 0 email addresses and provides 0 false advertising.
However we should definitely put it away

Ivan G.
Tech Support 5 June 2013

Hi Ivan

What you are trying to tell me about Google is irrelevant. Google has nothing to do with my complaint against your false advertising. You guys can still collect email address from your affiliates. Dustin Pass no doubt has hundreds or thousands of affiliates and hence you can collect more leads from these affiliates.

I also checked to see if you have taken down the false advertising page at but you have not. It is still there as of today 6th June 2013.

What you are telling me does not add up.

Fritz [forex review site]

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