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Trade12 Trade scamer stay away from them

by Jean Dulude
(Montreal, canada)

Continuation of my story after several unsuccessful raise Julien Dubois and trade12 threatens me (and moop me, I have insult records that it deleted on Skype) not to pay my balance on the principle they did credit even if the credit conditions have been met. He says that I will not have all my money. So he sends me a settlement proposal of 4000 on a scale of 13820 without explaining their reasoning, which clearly demonstrates their culpability. So according to Julien Dubois and trade12 did very complex calculations, investment does not make up credit + my balance to generate profit. Let's not forget that are paid for each transaction. These are thieves and scammers of the worst kind, please keep away from this kind of world

What do thing

Due Date 30/10/2017 paid 19/10/2017

Due Date: 30-oct-2017
1. The debtor agrees to settle the specified amount on or before the due date.
2. If the debtor failed to settle the credit in due time, the creditor reserves the right to:
o Withdraw profits generated from the credit anytime
o Collect the balance owed from the debtor’s account
o Block the debtor's trading account at any moment
3. The credit should be paid via deposits into the debtor's Trade12 account.
4. In view of leverage of trade, the debtor cannot pay the creditor using the profits that were
acquired from the credit. Hence, the debtor shall settle the credit by depositing the amount
specified in this agreement.
5. In case of breach of agreement, the creditor can consider this agreement null and void.
6. Upon placing credit in the account, the debtor's requested withdrawals are not guaranteed to be
successful until settling payment for the account.

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