is a good account if you want a trusted and excellent company

by Natasya Detchko

Trade12 3.5 stars. Just to share my experience.. i wanted to create profit which doesn't take too much of my time and effort so i joined online trading.. my friend first recommended me trade12 because he said he has been a client for awhile so he trusts the online forex and said it was a good company for online trading. They give 50% bonus and a 1:400 leverage.. I make good money here because the brokers give good advices. their service is excellent because they're always available when you need them because of 24/7 online service live chat. I'm sharing this because i know there are a lot of people who wants to create secondary profit, or wants to trade but always and are sick of ending up with scammers. I assure you trade12 is a good account if you want a trusted and excellent company.

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Dec 22, 2021
The aim of this scheme is made to let you lose whichever money you invest
by: Anonymous

The aim of this scheme is made to let you lose whichever money you invest in any way possible. I wish I knew this earlier before falling for their scam scheme and I was about to start facing the consequences. Thanks to the universe for making me come in contact with xxxx definitely wouldn’t have been able to receive my payout.

Admin note : xxxx replaced by name of company.

Nov 22, 2018
Trade12 is a big scammer
by: Cahit (Turkey)

Nikolay Prokhnevsky big scammer

Aug 15, 2018
Reply to: Anonymous - BIG SCAM TRADE12
by: TRADE12 Representative

Hi! It is natural and inevitable to have positive reviews. We have lots of clients across the globe to which we're committed in giving the best service that they deserve, but that doesn't mean that they're paid.

Regarding your main concern, please understand that each client has different needs, concerns, and situations, and a general question with the chat support will receive the same answer. To have a deep check on your own account, you need to follow the format below and email us at
Email: Account Number:
Website: Brainy Forex
Subject: (e.g. Withdrawal, Blocked Account)

Aug 12, 2018
by: Anonymous

I don't know how much you have been paid to say good things about trade12, they are a big scam, can not do withdraw and do not answer any more to my request except of the dum person at chat who always repeats same thing. Sorry but I do think there all the same.

Note from Brainyforex Admin : Just to clarify that brainyforex has not said anything good nor bad about Trade12. Brainyforex is not an affiliate of any broker so any comments made about the trading accounts would just be from personal experience and brainyforex has not tried Trade12 so cannot comment if they have been good or bad?

Mar 06, 2018
Dont trust this thieves Trade12, Dubois etc
by: Jean Dulude

Hello Micah, you do not respect your own rules. As far as I'm concerned, I followed them. you ask me to contact you by email when you do not answer the email I sent you. You have disabled my account while it had a balance of more than 8000 usd. I made the requests according to your withdrawal rules and you modify them without any notice. When you pay me I will come back to my position. You act like unscrupulous thieves and recommend to all my relations not to do business with you Trade12, trade24, Julien Dubois, Luis Martin and Peter Johnson and invites all interested to consult the evidence that I have in my possession to communicate with me

Feb 22, 2018
Trade12 Representative Please comply with the companys policies and terms and conditions
by: Micah

Hello Jean,

Please comply with the company's policies, and terms and conditions. For further information regarding this, kindly email us at, and we will gladly have the respective department to clarify your matter.

Thank you for understanding.

Best Regards,

Feb 16, 2018
SCAM TRADE12 account 1065487582 reply to Finance Department
by: jean dulude

Micah, What you do not say. Your company (finance department, Julien Dubois, Luis Martin and Peter Johnson) have stolen $8000 usd from profit under false pretext so please do not say anything. To all the world who want to do trading, do not deal with thieves, trade12 ... you are thieves. Pay attention to trade24 too. Pay me, then it will be my pleasure to publish the opposite for now follow your file more seriously.

Feb 15, 2018
Trade12 Representative total withdrawal of 22,100 USD. Meaning, you have withdrawn a total amount of 3,000 USD from your profit
by: Micah

Hello Jean,

Upon checking your account, the Finance Department advised us that you have a total deposit of 19,100 USD and a total withdrawal of 22,100 USD. Meaning, you have withdrawn a total amount of 3,000 USD from your profit.

In this case, the company perceives that your trades went well.

If you have further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact or

Thank you for choosing Trade12.

Best Regards,

Feb 07, 2018
SCAM Julien Dubois TRADE12 account 1065487582
by: Jean Dulude

This Trade12 company, Julien dubois, Luis Martin and Peter johnson sound thieves. Please do not deposit any money with them, it will steal your money and keep your profit.

Feb 06, 2018 scam as not refunding my $300 intitial investment
by: Anders Rasmussen

Signed up with fall of 2017, after being approached by a telephone salesman. I opened an account, put down $300 as initial investment, and started playing with the training account. I was contacted by a broker, as promised, but our conversation was cut short on his end, and he promised me to call back. Did not hear from the broker ever again, calling, wanting to continue the training/introduction sessions with the broker.

November 2, I raise a withdrawal request for my $300. Early December, I begin raising concerns towards, as I see no movement on my account, nor get any payment. Support tells me, that they will contact the finance department, and again I ask for a broker to call me back. This continues almost on a weekly basis, for another two months. No reaction from the financial department. No help from support. No broker calling me back.

At this point, I have written off the initial investment. And can only assume, that has scammed me for the money. I will strongly advise everyone to stay clear of this company.

Dec 20, 2017
More than a month waiting version of facts Trade12 IS THE BIGGEST SCAM COMPANY ONLINE
by: Jean Dulude

Hello Micah,
Happy to hear from you with more than a month waiting.
Let me correct your version of the facts. At first I make withdrawal requests, all simply to put an end to our business relationship. You have twice received my notice of termination according to your terms and conditions which are still not respected:

Here are the reasons that motivate my positioning:
At first you asked me to do business with you, simply by depositing $ 100 claiming the opportunity to make profits and build a relationship of trust with you. I followed all your recommendations to the letter and followed all your terms and conditions, I happily captured all the telephone exchange, Skype (I did not destroy as Julien Dubois and Luis Martin information to scroll me. ) and Chat.
Let's talk about the relationship of trust.
1-Broker Accessibility Problem
2-Transaction error
3-Non-compliance with closing order
4-Pre-market transaction on specific title with change of title after signature and target of performance not met
5-Unauthorized transaction.
6-usage of my account MT4 by the back door without warning me
7-Change my password without my authorization
8-Broker change, because according to Julien Dubois preceding him Peter Johnson was not doing his job he was going to be fired.
9-Multiple withdrawal requests not executed according to your terms and condition
10-Create withdrawal request in my account without any advise.
11-Insult and non-respect by Julien Dubos to my attention.
12- Falsification of withdrawal on the site MT4 where as this one was not done

Actually I deposited a total of $ 19100. After several unsuccessful steps and feeling stolen, I managed to get $ 22,100. The fact remains that there is a balance of $ 8820 in my account.
You have disabled my account and my balance on MT4 is now 0.00.
Let's talk about your priorities:
• Services none (see comments on the web)
• Gambling it’s the main reason why I want leave
• Confidence none
• Security (identity theft and fraudulent use of customer accounts)
Is enough or you wanting me to share more. Without his failure we would not be there.

Dec 19, 2017
to Jean Dulude we all have to go by the book and follow the companys Terms and Conditions
by: Micah

Hello Jean,

Thank you for letting us know about your concern.

Please do understand that according to the Risk Department, Finance Department, and Brokers' Department, your total deposit in Trade12 Company is only 19,100.00 USD, and you were able to withdraw 22,100.00 already successfully, which means you got to withdraw a total of 3,000 USD as profit.

Also, according to the respective departments, you keep insisting to just withdraw. Please understand that our company is an investment company, and great service is one of our utmost priority, but keep in mind that we all have to go by the book and follow the company's Terms and Conditions, whereas we do not allow/encourage gambling.

If there is anything we could assist you more with, please don't hesitate to send an email to or"

Dec 19, 2017
to Mike Kindly provide more information regarding the situation
by: Micah at Trade12

Hi Mike,

Thank you for addressing us your concern.

Kindly provide more information regarding the situation, and provide us your MT4 ID so we can have the Risk Department check your account further. We will also send your information to the Finance Department and Brokers Department to have them check all the records you have in our Company.

Please understand that we do our best in order to assist our clients' problems regarding their account and trading. We would really like to help you more.

If you need anything else, please email us at or

Thank you for understanding.

Best Regards,

Dec 15, 2017
The story continue with Dubois, Martin and trade12
by: Jean Dulude

I discussed yesterday with Peter Johnson, and he told me to act as a mediator for Julien Dubois and Lui Martin. He recommends me to continue with them and they simply want to make a profit, which clearly shows that they steal our money without any modesty. Please contact me on my email, We locate his individuals with the help of hacker and PayPal security team, we will use the same approach of these and do them the same thing . More we are more we will do damage to them. they risks big, but they are pro with the risk with de money of others.

Here there pitch on there website:

When you fight, you have to know what and who to trust!

Their mouths do not follow their feet. how can we trust them

They create this request again without any advise backdoor
41968 1065487582 $4000.00 Initial 2017-12-04 18:53:20

Here the state of my account :
2017.12.15 10:45:29.355 '1065487582': connect failed [Account disabled]
Balance :0.00 Credit:0.00 Profit:0.00

My balance was 13820.90

Here what they do with my account without any advise backdoor
40362 1065487582 $13820.90 Cancelled Notes: DUPLICATE 2017-11-16 15:27:47

Dec 11, 2017
SCAM Julien Dubois TRADE12 account 1065487582
by: Jean Dulude

Julien Dubois, Luis Martin and trade12, have disabled my accounts and steal my money. Their strategy is to make an offer on false pretext and then stop responding to your requests.Withdrawal, the sources of the funds never come from the same accounts, which shows the scam. He will never write to you their position he will tell you on Skype and then destroy the voice message. Unfortunately for them contact me by email I go to share his recording. which incriminates them even more.

Dec 07, 2017
Here teh chat transcription with call center Trade12
by: Jean Duldue

Chat started on 06 Dec 2017, 03:30 PM (GMT+0)
(03:30:41) *** jean.dulude joined the chat ***
(03:30:41) jean.dulude: hello
(03:32:24) *** Kylie Edwards joined the chat ***
(03:32:33) Kylie Edwards: Hello there! How can I help you today?
(03:35:47) jean.dulude: hello Kylie account 1065487582. You have disabled my counts with out get back to me . I opened a file this morning at the AMF and RCMP. I told that you stole my money. Financial department nerver get back to me with my request.
(03:37:03) jean.dulude: Sorry to disturb you with my case. But you are the only way to munnicate with this scam comany
(03:37:24) Kylie Edwards: Thank you for the information. We receive confirmation that they sent you an agreement, in regards with your withdrawal.
(03:38:46) jean.dulude: They never respond to a simple question. In our conversation yesterday. you must explain how my $ 13820 balance is reduced to $ 4000. You have already received this document it is not serious not to explain how you reach this conclusion.
(03:40:05) jean.dulude: You stole me 9820. You do not respect your client
(03:40:59) jean.dulude: the only way to work with you I think is the hard way so I will do
(03:41:11) Kylie Edwards: I understand. But as we mentioned we do not have that information about your account issue. Let me ask you, you have been contacted by the finance department?
(03:41:21) Kylie Edwards: Have you signed the agreement they have sent to you?
(03:43:33) jean.dulude: I have signe so many document but its change nothing you never respect you term and condition. you pick at your convenience. Its not serious
(03:46:19) Kylie Edwards: Mr. Jean, as we mentioned we do not have information about your conversation with the finance and the only information we knew is that they already contacted you and already sent you an agreement.
(03:48:45) jean.dulude: You sound to be more then aware bout this. but again thanks to trade12, trade24 etc... fro scamming. does upper management can call me to discuss probably its Julien are behind all those thing he delete our conversation on skype do you thing its correct.
(03:51:41) jean.dulude: thanks again its worst experience of my life
(03:52:15) *** jean.dulude has rated the chat Bad ***
(03:52:17) *** jean.dulude left the chat ***

Dec 06, 2017
My story with Trade12 continued
by: Jean Dulude

Continuation of my story after several unsuccessful raise Julien Dubois and trade12 threatens me (and moop me, I have insult records that it deleted on Skype) not to pay my balance on the principle they did credit even if the credit conditions have been met. He says that I will not have all my money. So he sends me a settlement proposal of 4000 on a scale of 13820 without explaining their reasoning, which clearly demonstrates their culpability. So according to Julien Dubois and trade12 did very complex calculations, investment does not make up credit + my balance to generate profit. Let's not forget that are paid for each transaction. These are thieves and scammers of the worst kind, please keep away from this kind of world

What do thing

Due Date 30/10/2017 paid 19/10/2017

Due Date: 30-oct-2017
1. The debtor agrees to settle the specified amount on or before the due date.
2. If the debtor failed to settle the credit in due time, the creditor reserves the right to:
o Withdraw profits generated from the credit anytime
o Collect the balance owed from the debtor’s account
o Block the debtor's trading account at any moment
3. The credit should be paid via deposits into the debtor's Trade12 account.
4. In view of leverage of trade, the debtor cannot pay the creditor using the profits that were
acquired from the credit. Hence, the debtor shall settle the credit by depositing the amount
specified in this agreement.
5. In case of breach of agreement, the creditor can consider this agreement null and void.
6. Upon placing credit in the account, the debtor's requested withdrawals are not guaranteed to be
successful until settling payment for the account.

Dec 06, 2017
by: Mike













Nov 30, 2017
Comment to micah in a files of Essam
by: Jean Dulude

It does not matter if Micah talks about term and condition, they do not even follow it. I followed them and he steals my money. I can share with you my issue

Nov 30, 2017
trade12 steals your profit
by: Jean Dulude

On November 16, 2017 I forwarded mailto: my termination notice and ask for my balance 13820.90. These are confirmed to have received my email and it would analyze my file.According to their terms and conditions trade12 have 5 working days to settle. After several email request. these my communicating that they will pay me my investment and keep the profit. These are based on the terms and conditions of bonuses and volume. while I have never received any bonus and pre-set volume. I have an account at trade12 and with no credit and all the terms and conditions that I have signed. with them have been repespect according to the prescribed deadlines. Currently again the deadlines are not respected according to their term and condition and seem to apply these with a variable geometry I will inform you of the follow-up. For micah reply to our question and be transparent with your client

Nov 29, 2017
My story with Trade12
by: Jean Dulude

Here is the strategy of our trade12 friends:
They ask you in principle that we will make a profit that everything is safe and that you can withdraw at any time. These constantly ask you to add funds and (for God's depots they are effective) to allow them to use your money to make profits for trade12. When you want to withdraw your money only the money you have invested will be paid, these will keep your profits under false pretext.
Any kind of event breaks their commitments. Opening of transaction without your authorization (no event report showing that it is serious). Error executions, data falsification to make you wait more during withdrawal. It will ask you to redo requests for a false error system. Their brokers keep hold of your money in their own volume interest, as these authorize whether or not you can make a withdrawal. The terms and conditions are never respect you will have to arceler for settlement it is said sorry every time, but you will be the only ones to lose money because they risk nothing. See my balance sheet: deposits of 19100 withdrawal of 18100 profits 13820 untouchable. 11 weeks of loss, without putting any investments they made 13820

Trade12 will reply with there version but be sure prior to continue who says the truth. f they correc the issue I will be please to get back to all you with truth.

Nov 29, 2017
Trade12 Representative
by: Micah

Hello Essam,

Thank you for raising your concern. We want you to understand what credit means, and the moment you had them in your trading account, it means that you owe this funds to the Liquidity Provider of the Company. You agreed that you will receive the certain amount of credit which shall be paid by you later on. Please also understand that this is under our Terms and Conditions, that outstanding obligations, such as settling the Credit, is a must within the agreed due date; if you fail to do so, your account can be blocked, terminated, and you will be restricted to further use the Company’s services, temporarily or permanently.

Please comply with the Terms and Conditions accordingly before proceeding.

I hope I made everything clear to you. Thank you for understanding.

Nov 28, 2017
Profit who own the money
by: Jean dulude

Micah Tell us about the profits, can I, according to the terms and conditions, finish our relationship and recover investment and profit?

My total.story is.coming

Nov 27, 2017
to Jean Dulude please read by: Trade12 Representative
by: Jean Dulude

the story is incomplete, Tell us about the profits, can I, according to the terms and conditions, finish our relationship and recover investment and profit?

Nov 27, 2017
at 13h montreal time the rest of my story
by: Jean Dulude

The profit of my investment is at trade12 or at the customer. Here is the question?

Nov 24, 2017
Trade 12 scam and ripper
by: Essam

My broker told me there big movement and we need deposit, I told him I don't have, he makes for me credit von trade 12 for 10.000. Then I didn't have the shares. Now he told me I have to deposit this credit. I refuse because I didn't ask for that and also didn't have shares. Now they close my account with opened position.
I had already contact with specialist lawyer to take my money back.

Nov 16, 2017
to Jean Dulude please read
by: Trade12 Representative

Hello Jean,

This is Micah, a Trade12 representative. Thanks for raising your concern. However, we would like you to know that all our brokers invest their time and efforts in analyzing the market to provide you profitable signals, and all our departments do their best in attending your concerns.

Upon checking your account as per the Finance Department, your total deposit in our company is 19,000.00 USD, and you already have a total successful withdrawal of 18,100.00 USD as of November 15, 2017. With this, we believe that you don't have problems anymore with the company, and your remaining 1,000.00 USD would also be withdrawn in the near future.
We’d love to assist you more, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact and/or Thank you.


Nov 15, 2017
trade12 is a scam Read my experience with them
by: Jean dulude

These comments by Jean dulude (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) are also included in the scam alert section of brainyforex and reprinted below.

September 5, 2017 Following a request for trade12, I decided to test and learn about this type of trading. Worst experience of my life. These sell me the idea of ​​participating in a pre-market under written promise of income.

The title does not perform as planned but we realize a lower profit. In another case the title on which pre-market must be done is not the one on which they open a trade again the revnu his least.
I make two retreat requests that have been painful but have worked.

Afterwards: here are highlights of the events:
Broker opens trades without my authorization
Refuses to close trades when money is lost.

Intervention of the famous Julien Dubois who lets us believe who saves our lives while this one pushes us more. They use my account without authorization and make me lose money. I'm trying to get out of this adventure and lie about it.
Their site mention Security (False), withdrawal within 5 days (False), Scam (True)

I requested withdraw align to there prescription they continuous to not proceed finance department are not reachable.

Need help its more then scam its fraud

Nov 15, 2017
Share your thoughts?
by: Aiden

Started with this broker just last week. Anyone know if they are good? I finished m account and also deposit funds. No problem so far. But I'm wondering about withdrawal if how fast is it?

Oct 27, 2017
Good broker, but could use some improvement
by: Benedict

My overall experience with this broker had been generally good, except for some instances when thye support is hard to contact. They are actually often easy to reach but there are certain times during the day when I have to ring them 2-4 times before I actually get connected. The broker told me it is really a busy time in the market so I gotta understand them. Nevertheless, their service as a broker still justifies that problem.

Oct 03, 2017
Problem solved I got my money
by: Dean

I as well had some problems with Trade12. I've had an account with them for some time already and I never had problems except this recent one. September 19, I requested for a full account withdrawal. It's not about the broker, but I need to use the money for something important. So I made the decision to fully stop forex trading. My request got approved the next day but for a full week I didn't hear anything from them. That was the first time because usually they are able to transfer the money within a week. So I emailed my broker but all I get is that they're processing it already. Last September 28 I tried to contact the number given by Micah and also sent them an email. Within the day I got a response and it turns out they are having time closing my account due to some internal problems. I was informed they put it on priority. Since that was near the weekends, my account was fully withdrawn just yesterday. I'm not blaming the broker or their system, but it was still kudos to their customer service that my problem was solved. I also some other people contacted by the same representative even on fpa and they seem to be working on most client issues.

Sep 21, 2017
to Pizza please contact us
by: Trade12 Representativeto

Hello Pizza,

This is Micah from Trade12. You can contact us via email or phone call as provided on our website:
Tel: +18886834913
You can also privately message me here to address your concern directly, so I can provide you assistance first-hand.
We are looking forward to your response.

Sep 19, 2017
Help advise needed
by: PiZza

Guys I am having trouble trusting trade 12.i have an account with them and in the future if I have any problem then where can I get help.please advise.

Sep 14, 2017
Price and bonus trade12
by: Gavien

The best thing that really impressed me about this broker is how small their deposit requirement is, while at the same time they give big deposit bonus. I started with their ecn account of $10000 with a great bonus of 50% my initial capital. That's a whooping amount to start with. I also opened a beginner account for my nephew with only $250 and also they gave him bonus. Definitely a must try after finishing their demo account

Aug 17, 2017
Returning client recommends Trade12
by: Pete Huddson

Trade12 has been my go-to broker for more than 2 years. I tried others but I always go back to them. The pips are just tighter with an ecn account so I get better returns for even smaller trades. The deposit is not a problem since most brokers even require largers deposits for even a normal account. My nephew even asked me to teach him forex and I helped him set up a beginner account with my broker. In just a week he got the hang of the platform as it is very easy to use and understand. I really recommend this broker for newbies and even experts alike

Aug 07, 2017
Trade12 Representative reply to Sumit
by: Micah

Hi Sumit!
This is Micah from Trade12. We understand that it has been a long time since you have requested for the withdrawal of your money and the Finance Department has not taken any action with regard to it. We would like you to provide us with your account ID and full name so we can look into your account and investigate what has happened with it. We would like you to understand that the Finance Department would not implement such delay unless there are certain conditions that our clients need to meet.
Awaiting your response.

Aug 04, 2017
my experience with Trade12
by: Maddison

I saw several complaints about withdrawal. I want to share my experience with this broker. I created an account with them last May. My broker asked me if I needed any broker assistance and I said yes. For a few orders, he helped me with some signals and made recommendations. It turned out well and I made some good profit but also a few losses. After maybe 2 weeks of continuous trading and more deposits, I requested to withdraw $400 froom my account because I have enough left for my usual strategy and I needed some money. The request was processed a day after. A little delayed in my opinion but nothing much to be concerned about.

Aug 03, 2017
Trade12 is a total scam
by: Sumit

Guys stay away from these thieves. All they want is your money and then never pay you back. Not letting me withdraw my money. In the process to sue them big time.

Jul 19, 2017
by: Stefan

As the OP have said, the service of trade12 is excellent because of the assistance they give. They don't treat me just like a client. They treat me like a mate. And not to mention how they are easily reachable whenever i need help. I know this because i started as a beginner with no knowledge about forex. I made the mistake of skipping demo but they still helped me in making a good start. It's the reason i immediately deposited $5000 because of the great impression they made on me. Although i declined on the bonus it was still good because i was able to easily withdraw my profits after a couple of months

Jul 04, 2017
Better than the previous broker
by: Anonymous

Trade12 has been a real partner in these months. Perhaps for them and a normal thing to help all customers alike, however I have never received a call from the account manager with the previous broker. Not to mention the signals that more than to help you make you lose. While with them they receive signals every day, most of which are well-studied. The account manager advises me where and when to operate. In my opinion trade12 is a good broker for at least novices. I say this because when I started with them I did not have much experience.

The above was translated from Italian using google translate.

Jun 26, 2017
Trade12 scam alert not letting me withdraw my money
by: Sumit

Hello everyone!
I started trading through a broker called Trade12. I deposited around US$56500 in total. I was introduced to this trading platform through my friend. Initially, i started with $5000 and then end up depositing $56500. They have a special way to attract client's to deposit more and more every fortnight which they call "Pre-Market". After spending a couple of months with them i decided to withdraw my deposit but it has been more than 2 months and it has not been approved yet. I have to take some legal actions against them. Wanted to let everyone know that it is a total scam company and do not deposit anything with them.

Jun 26, 2017
Good broker
by: Ryan

When I started trading I worked with binary options. After losing about 3,000 dollars I realized that this was not trading but it was just a rip off. So, I decided to start trading on the stock market and opened an account with trade12. They called me 2 days after I made the registration and they explained the conditions and the possible gains. The guy told me that trading is one thing that can generate long-term gains and that I couldn’t expect gains of 100 dollars per day. He was sincere, unlike others who promised me very high gains. That's why I started with them. It's been 2 months since I've been working and I have had constant assistance, something that I have never had with the other broker. I like their professionalism and I recommend it to anyone who wants to start trading.

Jun 14, 2017
Good broker
by: Nelson

With trade12 I find myself very well. They agreed to leave my previous broker offering me low spreads and good conditions. At first I was not sure whether to go or not but since the last period I was not earning so much I decided to change. From the beginning my consultant was very helpful in explaining the platform and helping me with the operations. She explained the possible profits and losses and the strategies to follow in each operation. I'm glad I decided to go with this broker because the earnings also increased.

NB : The above was translated from Italian using google translate.

Jun 05, 2017
Having a consultant helps
by: Paolino

I've been in this business for about 8 years now and trading has changed a lot. Now, you do not have to stay the computer all day long for information and see where to operate. There are account managers who follow you and give you instructions on where and when to operate. I trusted my money to this broker because their conditions are favorable enough. I do not expect much from the broker because I'm independent of the operations I do but the little work my consultant has suggested has gone into profit.

NB : The above was translated from Italian into English using google translate.

May 10, 2017
Reliable Broker
by: Leonard

Trading is a bit complicated but until now they have helped me in every step. It's been only 1 month dealing with them and I'm a bit confused by the information I've received. However, they have helped me create an idea of trading. The first week was a bit difficult even though I was trading with the demo account. After I learned the platform’s basic options, I passed to the live account. I have opened two operations with the help of my account manager and I've closed both of them in profit. I won't operate alone until I feel ready because I want to stay for long in this activity.

Mar 21, 2017
by: Anonymous

At first when I received the call from the trade12 I worked with two other brokers. Their proposal was to test them and test their specific trading signals also on other platforms, since it was a company ecn I accepted and I must say that after almost 10 months I alone am working with them. They are really efficient.

The above was translated from Italian.

Feb 24, 2017
Seems like a good change
by: Claus

I recently opened an account with trade12 after leaving my previous broker Plus500 because it didn't provide me good signals for quite a long time. So I started operating on my own but didn't have the same profits as before. Now that I trade with trade12 the situation is different. The signals are continuous and my consultant guides me in every operation. I don't have a large amount of money in my account yet because I've been trading in operations that have low risk but I believe that if everything continues like this I'll be able to grow my earnings in more risky operations.

Feb 16, 2017
New possibilities
by: Saverio

After losing my job I had much free time because I could not find a decent job. Spending most of the time on the internet I found online trading. For me it was a chance to earn from home which I was offered by trade12. My assistant with this broker has never pushed me to do things in a hurry. He was always patient to explained things and to make me understand how the operations carried out. In this way I could earn a salary from home without work long hours to earn what was taking before. Now I am gradually increasing the number of operations because they are more practical and my adviser takes less time to explain things.

Translated from Italian

Feb 10, 2017
Fresh new experience with
by: Mark

I started trading a couple of months ago, with trade12 as a friend of mine who was operating with it at the time suggested it to me. I can say among other things that the one thing that impressed me were the training sessions and the patience of my account manager on explaining things. I’m 46 years old and sincerely I had never thought doing courses at this age especially listening at my wife’s advice. I’m really not a practical person but I can say that now I know a little bit more about trading.

Feb 08, 2017
I changed my mind about the trading
by: Fabrizio

I am a trader of trade12, I decided to write not spread, platforms or condition but to bring a real experience of how I started doing online trading.

Yesterday in a telephone contact with my consultant for which among other things, I have a respect unrivaled analyzing my career as a trader.

I remembered that the phrases repeated in Rafica before deciding they were: "I do not have enough money to invest. / I do not know all the laws and technical aspects in order to make an investment. / My dear friends, the consultant They advise the bank to risk my money. ". It was this' I thought or rather excuses I used to not show my insecurity, because 'at the end the sum to start was not necessarily high, I could always inquire and learn what' was needed and well, in addition to my consultant bank that was in obvious conflict of interest my loved ones and friends advised me under affective continuing involvement and concern about possible losses. Eventually I saw everything in a different perspective, and I was able to understand that what 'matter most' and the rest 'to have a team, you can have large sums, in-depth knowledge and many loved ones and friends, but there are few opportunities in which it is formed a real team that has the same objective. I advise you to set me up to trade by selling opportunity 'to another perspective and I recommend the Trade12.

The above was translated from Italian.

Feb 02, 2017
Choosing Broker
by: Nikolaj

From my experience, I might say that trading online is a market where you can gain a lot but also lose a lot if you are not careful. For those who are informed and have studied economics and know how the market works, trading might be a good opportunity to make money. But for others who don’t know how it works but are curious and want to try the key is finding a good broker that is willing to explain how things work. There are brokers that only give suggestion about operations but are not willing to explain in details why the operation is profitable, but there also brokers like mine, trade12, that gives me all the information I need to understand the operation. I am informed and I know how the market works as I’ve worked at financial markets once. For those who are not informed the financial market may be a total disappointment and can make you lose everything. So, chose your broker wisely.

Jan 16, 2017
different forex
by: patrik

It happened too many times on different forums have spread wrong opinions, it is the opinion that online trading is a scam or it's a way to make easy money. It must be realistic, not colony forming unit of the easy ways to make money. One must know playing console should show that, and good and who understands something about it. So I do not think more to the various comments on the web. I do seven months from trading with trade12 and I'm happy, the beginning I did not have a good profit but with each passing month I saw that with the experience also my profit and increased.

Translated from Italian

Jan 12, 2017
a good broker
by: goran

I opened a small deposit with this broker to try out how it works. The small amount was doubled because they gave me a bonus and already at the beginning I was helped by my financial advisor who gave me a hand with the first operations. The profit is increasing and I'm glad. I hope that as a test trade12 exceeded my doubts

Dec 19, 2016
I do not know
by: Anonymous

A friend told me about trade12, but there are bad reviews...

Nov 06, 2016
Nervous but so far so good
by: Anonymous

I have steadily increased my deposits in Trade12 over the past 3 months, each time to make bigger investments. The broker seems to know his stuff and I am making good profits (20%+). I still feel nervous, although I have taken 2 withdrawals out and both times they transferred the money within days.

These guys (my broker anyway) seem to really know their stuff, he is a little pushy but its all about the money for them, so I understand this. They live and breath it.

When things are too good to be true, they often are, but so far so good.

Oct 25, 2016
not a bad broker
by: Johnny

The first and most important consideration when selecting a forex trading broker involves determining whether or not your funds will be secure in the broker's hands, I seem to have no problems with Trade12 keeping my funds safe.

[NB Admin : Lots of fake reviews yesterday all at the same time. Now this one about the same length as the others - BEWARE]

Oct 24, 2016
Trade12 is my Favorite [Fake]
by: Jack Miller

Trade12 has some of the best educational tools, including ongoing Daily FX webinars and the daily FX blog. It has the highest commissions in my review, but it does have relatively tight spreads.

[NB Brainyforex admin : 5 reviews received on 24th October 2016 from 5 different traders saying how good Trade12 is. All these reviews sent at the same time indicates they are obviously fake reviews!]

Oct 24, 2016
Trust Trade12? [Fake]
by: Andrew Baker

Trade12 is my top rated-forex broker. It has the best platform, both in terms of its ease of use and in the breadth of the tools it provides. It also offers the most currency pairs, which gives you an opportunity to trade in exotic pairs that have the potential for high returns. It is also a good platform for trading other investment types and may be a good choice if you want to make non-forex investments.
[NB Brainyforex admin : 5 reviews received on 24th October 2016 from 5 different traders saying how good Trade12 is. All these reviews sent at the same time indicates they are obviously fake reviews!]

Oct 24, 2016
Great Broker [Fake]
by: Akemi Bokoto

As with all types of investments, there are many different forex trading strategies. Hedging and speculation are two main strategies. Some basic strategies include choosing a trading time that coincides with the time that the markets in the countries whose currencies you’d like to trade are operating, using stop-loss orders to protect against heavy losses. Trade12 Does a Great Job at helping me out and guiding me to the positive road.

[NB Brainyforex admin : 5 reviews received on 24th October 2016 from 5 different traders saying how good Trade12 is. All these reviews sent at the same time indicates they are obviously fake reviews!]

Oct 24, 2016
Worked well for Over a Year! [Fake]
by: James Richard

Love the tutorials and help Trade12 provides.. I was able to withdraw my earnings easily without any issues.. Usually when traders have problems with such companies its because they don't know how to trade properly in the first place.. Thumbs up for trade12 on my side!
[NB Brainyforex admin : 5 reviews received on 24th October 2016 from 5 different traders saying how good Trade12 is. All these reviews sent at the same time indicates they are obviously fake reviews!]

Oct 24, 2016
Love this Broker [Fake]
by: Abelard Bonno

Been with these guys for 6 months and I have to say its one of the better Forex brokers out there. Thumbs up on my side.. By the way if you need any help with your account just send them an email and they'll answer you within 12 hours.
[NB Brainyforex admin : 5 reviews received on 24th October 2016 from 5 different traders saying how good Trade12 is. All these reviews sent at the same time indicates they are obviously fake reviews!]

Sep 02, 2016
Looks like lots of fake positive reviews
by: Brainyforex

Looks like lots of fake positive reviews to me, some coming from similar ip addresses. Also, check out my comment 22 Dec 2015 comparing reviews - there are many similarities with lots of the reviews. For example look at the use of commas and grammar etc.

Sep 02, 2016
Trust or not
by: Antonio Colombo

I would like to know if I can trust Trade12, I read other comments that they are not good that you can't withdraw your money, is it true?

Aug 04, 2016
that's true
by: paul

Yes, in fact I trusted them almost a year ago even if they were at their beginning. That was a good choice anyway, I am still working with them because they proved to be serious and hard workers. Now they have a lot of clients but they still find the necessary time for me, Always.

Jul 13, 2016
Trade12 helped a lot
by: NellItaly

Trade12 helped me a lot. Initially, trading seemed impossible to me but with their help my skills improved and now I can make operations by myself. Of course, the amount is higher when i make movements with the account manager advice. I made this review just because I agree with the title.

Jun 09, 2016
I agree
by: Hans

I agree, is a good account if you want a trusted and excellent company. There are a lot of brokers on the market but Trade12 has proven that with a lot of work you can do it. With a lot of dedication, trading can make you gain something but it is not so easy as it seems. Only if you study a lot, do not risk too much and follow the account manager's advice maybe you'll gain. That's why i liked Trade12, they didn't promise me the moon with 250$ deposit but they promised to help and they kept their promise.

May 12, 2016
Trade12 is a professional broker
by: Blake

If a broker offers you a good bonus, a fast and easy platform, low spreads, good and flexible leverage, is a good broker. When the support is professional and always on time, when they make you made withdrawals without delay, when they are there anytime you need them, are a good broker. When someone give all this, is a great broker. Trade12 gave me all this services and professionalism, for me they are GREAT!

May 03, 2016
I agree with Natasya Detchko
by: Seguente

Yes it is true, Trade12 is a great broker. I'm having a great experience with them too. The support team and account managers are doing a good job. 4.9/5 stars for me because the bonuses are good, spreads also.

Apr 28, 2016
4.5 star to this broker
by: Paulinho

Comparing the services like social trading, spreads, leverage, bonus, and everything else they offer with other brokers, i would give them 4.5 stars. I had the chance to work with and they are correct on payments so i'm convinced this is a reliable broker.

Apr 19, 2016
Reliable broker
by: Alexis

I'm having a very good experience with them. Their platform it's very easy, the bonus is really good and the support respond immediately to any of my request. I've never had problems with the withdrawals and everything is going very well.

Apr 06, 2016
Per me sono molto competitivi
by: Soldone

I am realy bad in english so i will speak italiano ( my language ). I ragazzi di Trade12 sono veramente preparati e molto tempestivi nel darti la spinta giusta quando ci sono occasioni di mercato ed è questo secondo me che fa la differenza oltre gli spread che comunque sono ottimi, perciò suggerisco fortemente di aprire account con loro per avere dei profitti ed essere sempre guidati per non rischiare troppo.

Jan 04, 2016
good job!
by: Craig

This broker is really helping me to increase my gains,I am currently working with professional broker and account manager who always keep me updated with my trades. It's a good thing that the company offers great services. First of all, the mt4 platform is very easy to use and I haven't encountered any problems while using it. I was impressed by the fast execution of orders, low spreads and they also provide updated news on their website which is really helpful. Good job trade12!

Dec 29, 2015
trade12 broker
by: Sebastian Acosta

I've been trading with Trade12 for a few months now and I've been earning just like what the broker told me. I'm glad that he always give me the best signals, of course just like any other businesses there are good and bad trading days, but so far with the help of my broker I was able to reduce my loses and secure my account instead. Now I am planning to withdraw some of my earnings to spend for the holidays, I'll tell you this much.. this broker is worth the try! But I hope Trade12 increase its starting bonus from only 50%.

Dec 22, 2015
trade12 fake reviews obvious?
by: brainyforex

Take a look at the reviews from Wayne Terrill 17th December 2015, and Barry Wong 22 December and see if you agree that these two reviews about trade12 are from the same person? Maybe you can find more tell-tail signs of them being fake, but I notice the following similarities;

Both reviews start with "Hi, I ...."
Both 10 sentences in length.
Both include Trade12 in heading.
Both say they were referred by someone else.
Both mention promotional "gifts" available.
Both end last sentence with some form of hope.

Think about it, what are the chances of a review site receiving two such similar reviews between the 17th and 22nd December claiming to come from two different people? It just is not going to happen!

So, it's good that brainyforex has received these reviews as this broker is showing itself to be shady with fake reviews - and that leaves the question - "what other bad practices does this broker carry on?" Or is trade12 just outright scam? Not sure which?

Dec 22, 2015
Trade12 forex broker
by: Barry Wang

Hi, I signed up for a trading account with this broker two weeks ago because my brother told me that forex is a good way to earn money, and while I was searching online for good brokerage firm, I came across with some articles from the trade12 website and I checked on them if they have a bad record or any issues. I was glad that I didn't find anything against them so I went to the website and saw that they have a promotion for Christmas where they are giving away gifts for their clients. Maybe it was a good place to start I guess so now I was successful in opening my account and that I funded for $300 hoping that it can generate good profit, my broker was good he explains everything to me and always answers my questions. If this company will prove its services to me I think I will stick with them.

Dec 17, 2015
try Trade12
by: Wayne A. Terrill

Hi, I decide to write a review about this new broker trade12 because I experienced so much difficulties with my previous broker before I learned about trade12, I used to trade with Interbank FX and I lost more than what I gained! They always manipulate my deals and they won't allow me to withdraw what money I have left, so I decided to switch brokers and a friend of mine who is also a trader referred me to his account manager who called me and helped me open a live account with them. It's nice that they are giving away gifts for initial deposits, I just received my action camera last week. I can't say much about their service yet since I'm new but based on their record they are doing well and many of their clients are satisfied so I am looking forward to working with them and hopefully it pays off.

Dec 15, 2015
my new forex partner
by: Samuel Chiu

Hey fellow traders, how are you all doing? I just want to share my opinion about my new broker trade12 I saw their promo online so I tried to sign up since I was into trading before i was kinda confident. So here's what I can say so far, first their website was really informative because I can always check for new updates in the market which is good for me, it can help me on deciding where to place my positions. I'll be honest I was quite disappointed to know that they only offer a 50% welcome bonus plus the 1 trade warranty that they have but at the rate that things are going so far I guess it was worth the try, I opened an account for only $250 and I was planning to add more if I will be satisfied with my returns. Goodluck to all of us!

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