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NB : Tony offers a signals service as well as ongoing personalized tuition for his support and resistance trading strategy.

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TS Intraday

TraderSmarts Live Intraday Trade Alerts

What to expect: Real time live trade alerts via Private Twitter Feed. Group IM is used as a backup. Market commentary and specific thoughts on various markets throughout the day when relevant. Trade less make more.

What we trade: We monitor 9 markets. YM, ES, 6E, CL, ZB, ZB,, GC, and SI. There is a special emphasis on YM, 6E, CL, and GC. You can trade ES alongside YM (see trade example below).

Typical stop size: The typical stop size is between 10 - 30 ticks in YM, 1 - 3 points in ES, and 2 - 4 points in NQ. In 6E 8 - 20 ticks. In CL 8 - 25 ticks. GC it is 15 - 30 ticks. ZN and ZB 4 - 10 ticks. SI is 10 - 20 ticks.

When do we trade: My ideal trade time is 5 - 8 AM PST. The majority of my trades will be executed during this time. The second best time to trade is 11 PM - 2 AM PST around the London open. I will trade this occasionally. Unfortunately due to my time frame it doesn't make sense to trade both consecutively very often. See what I say about the European session in the TS Premium section.

TraderSmarts Swing Trade Alerts

What is a swing trade? A swing trade is simply a trade that has a target that likely cannot be achieved within the context of an intraday timeframe.

Why Swing trade? Since markets ebb and flow elapsed time is required for substantial moves to take place. When we have explosive moves in one direction or the other they often happen over the course of multiple days. In order to capture those moves we have to be able to stay in the market longer than one day. That is why we swing trade.

What to expect? Real time live trade alerts via private Twitter feed. This is a signal service.

What we trade: We monitor 10 markets. Equities (YM, ES, NQ) Energy (CL, NG) Currency (6E) Treasuries (ZN, ZB) and Precious Metals (GC, SI).

When we trade: From the Sunday open to the Friday close we may initiate new trades or manage current trades. Globex hours.