Complimentary Free Trading Video

Update : Sorry this video no longer available, but an image and brief comments are shown below;

Now is your chance to see a trading video that could be sold for 'a mint' for free. It's complimentary for visitors.

For the first time ever, this elite trading club is letting a small group of people see one of the systems that won one of the top trading competitions. Previously you had to pay to see something this special. You can see it here: [Sorry expired].

This system made 1,306.50% in one month trading a live account. What's more, the whole system is revealed for the first time at no cost.
Once you see how easy this system is you will wonder why you are complicating your life with multiple indicators.

Wasseem Z a Electrical Engineer / Trader started the month with an initial deposit of $50.10 and produced a net profit of $654.56 using his Swing Day Trading System.

While watching the video, pay attention to the following things;

For an uptrend, see how higher highs and higher bottoms form. For downtrends, lower highs along with lower lows form.

System trades impulse waves. Entry is made on wave number five. Notice that it is commonly accepted that wave three is the wave that is the strongest and is generally the wave that traders trade. Not so with this winning system.

I like the precision of the channel that is drawn based on the first three waves. This allows for a tight stop loss policy. Also known as a low risk setup or low risk strategy.

Winning swing trading system showing entry on 5th wave

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