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When it comes to trading the financial markets, those observant have noticed certain parallels in the world around us related to how freely traded markets behave. For example, it is commonly accepted that the financial markets move in wave formations. This behavior can be clearly seen on every time period chart, whether it be the yearly, monthly, daily or five minute chart.

This section is devoted to the interesting parallels that can be seen between the creative side of the world compared to the behavioral movements of the financial markets. Plus, anything else of an extraordinary nature related to trading. A bit of entertainment!

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Famous sayings ... to think about when trading  
Sayings from long ago made famous through movies, books or other media outlets ... "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!" -Rhett Butler, Gone

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Power of human brain for pattern recognition Not rated yet
Recently I came across a short video clip of Stephen Wiltshire, who is an artist living in London. When he was eleven years old he drew a perfect aerial …

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