good results after a week

by Melvic Sameca
(Doha, Qatar)

4 stars. I have been trading with this new broker called for a week now and so far I see good results. Before I fund on my account I first tested their demo account, the platforms are good and easy to use also their support are good as well. I am getting good cash but I also have some lose but very minimal. About withdrawals, I haven't tested this but I'll keep you posted about it and update this post. Overall, This broker is good and able to meet my requirements.

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Nov 08, 2016
Tradingbanks and bonus you have already lost all your money
by: Anonymous

dear Eshon Burgundy
I'm very happy for you that tradingbank gave you a bonus but you have to know that tradingbank is the clone of mxtrade as trade12.
you have already lost all your money even if you don't know.

Nov 04, 2016
Got their 100% bonus!
by: Eshon Burgundy

I am very happy now, because last night I got 100% welcome bonus from TradingBanks broker! Basically, my requirement was to start with an ECN type Forex broker with bonus! Interestingly, I see they are also sensitive on low trading spread facility, so now I am very excited to use their live trading facilities, lets see!

Nov 03, 2016
TradingBanks services are NOT great
by: Anonymous

Who told you that tradingbanks is a good forex?
Did you read all news on the net about this forex?
I don't think so, because if you have read you would have gone away.
I'm controlling thier signals every day. They always are failed.

Nov 03, 2016
TradingBanks services are great
by: Anonymous

My friend referred me to this company and I can say that their services are great, they're really helping people to gain profit and learn more about forex trading. There are times when I don't know what to do but TradingBanks helps me and guide me to be a better trader.

Nov 01, 2016
Tradingbanks brokers write about themselves
by: Anonymous

Is Tradingbanks a good forex as mxtrade and tade12 too?
of crap I have read many but never made as these.
TradingBanks, Mxtrade and Trade12 love scamming people.
Mxtrade was obscured in Italy for scamming.
who is writing the good news about these forex is the brokers themselves.

May 12, 2016
Need proof?!
by: Aristide

If someone writes on different forums , it does to share their experiences in an attempt to create a communication between traders that we can ' help you choose the best broker or to not fall into the trap of scam broker. But I do not think it's fair to ask someone the evidence . It means that we do not trust each other ? I document everything I do but I do it for myself and I would never dare to publish certain information . I worked with Tradingbanks and me and ' a good broker ! Who does not believe it : his business !

The above has been translated from Italian using Google Translate;
Bisogno di prove
Se qualcuno scrive su diversi forum, lo fa per condividere le proprie esperienze nel tentativo di creare una comunicazione tra trader che ci puo' aiutare a scegliere il miglior broker o per non cadere nella trappola dei scam broker. Ma non penso sia giusto chiedere a qualcuno le prove. Significa che non ci fidiamo di l'un l'altro? Io mi faccio documentare tutto ma lo faccio per me stesso e non mi permetterei mai di pubblicare certe informazioni. Ho lavorato con Tradingbanks e per me e' un buon broker! Chi non ci crede: affari suoi!

May 05, 2016
TradingBanks best broker in Russia
by: Anatoli

In Russia are a lot of broker but for me TradingBanks is the best. They offer a good initial bonus, low spreads and a high leverage. But the most important thing is they are correct on withdrawals, I never had problems. Also their platform is a good one, it's fast and easy to use.

Apr 27, 2016
Yesterday, a big profit Day
by: Massimo

Yesterday was a crazy day. I received a call from my account manager of TradingBanks whom advised me to take a look to EUR/USD. I opened a position at 14.50 and closed about 1 our later. The profit was great and i just have to thank my account manager and TradingBanks too.

Apr 22, 2016
Proofs??? What kind of proofs?
by: Andonis

Dear Anonymous!
What kind of proofs you need? Perhaps you want to tell me your account number so i can send the money I withdrew ???? What kind of proofs you need? Is this the court and you are the judge? Tell me dear ANONYMOUS what proofs you need?

Apr 20, 2016
tradingbanks fraud and scam company ..
by: Anonymous

HI All,

I don't know how people are saying its good and taking profit .. if you really taking profit with this company .. you have to show the proof here ..

See more details about this fraud company ..

Apr 19, 2016
This is a good broker
by: Andonis

I saw a lot of comments, some positive and others negative, and that's ok. I realized that negative comments were written by 1 or 2 people. I am glad that all the other comments are positive because I'm working on with TradingBanks and I had no problems as of now. I did a lot of drawing with 0 difficulty. I see no reason to panic or to stop working with them, just hope to go on like this. I'll let you know if there's any news.

Apr 13, 2016
Alberto Torresini (LeoT) thief, fraudulent, impostor!
by: Anonymous

Dear Bloggers,

i didn't want to go further but this unscrupulous imposter doesn't give me other possibility. Let's talk then....: Here, dear bloggers you can find that Alberto Torresini and the UserName "LeoT" are the same person He posted a letter (created probably by himself) when he accept that Alberto Torresini and LeoT are the same person. Now lets see all we can find on internet about Alberto Torresini....:
As you can simply read there are more than just a person who reports Alberto Torresini (LeoT) as a thief, fraudulent, impostor ecc.... This person has already stolen from various people thousands dollars. You can imagine yourself what kind of person he is, what he does for living and what he's trying to achieve with these "information".
You are just not credible as a person, so u can say everything about me, i'm not going to offend you because the adjectives i wrote before comes from peoples u've stolen.

Apr 12, 2016
Tradingbanks fraud and scam
by: Raj

See more abote below link ..

Apr 12, 2016
do you have some proofs?
by: Anonymous

dear anonymous or would you rather that I call you cowardly?
I do not find an adjective to qualify you.
Tradingbank, mxtrade and trade12 are the same forex.
People need to know that you are continuing to defraud people, especially with credit card.
you, coward, are attacking an agency that sells houses.
you are really stupid. the agency gains on sales and working for others.
on the contrary, mxtrade, tradingbanks and trade12 rub people.
These forex do not allow earnings but only losses.
Needless to say that you work for them.

Apr 11, 2016
by: Anonymous

Brainy Forex, i invite you to be careful. As it happens in other forums, either here i see the same people (some of them i already know and they are not unknown to the law also.....) doing the same comments. These people can't even return to they country because of their stories.... ATTENTION! They are trying (as they did other times) to defraud honest people.

Dec 26, 2015
refund from tradingbanks
by: Anonymous

if need anyone help how to refund money from this fraud broker (tradingbanks) .. please contact me

Nov 15, 2015
Very Very bad broker
by: Anonymous

This is a Very bad/fraud broker company, stay away and if you have money invested with them take it and run fast!
I invested far too much money with them, for a 2 weeks I was making money but was not allowed to withdraw in order to grow the account to large profit, then one day it was all gone, they asked for 30K to reverse the account, lost all money then My a/c went suddenly with minus balance and disabled status .. Please please please don't trade with this broker..
1000% fraud company .. first you think you make money ..but end of day you will lose all money ...pls pls stay way ..

Oct 16, 2015
I am glad
by: Anonymous

My friend who is a successful trader from tradingbanks invited me to give it a try, told me about the benefits I could actually get. I have visited their websites and read more information and check their regulations, and after that, I decided to signed up and create a live account. One of their account managers called me up, offered me 100% welcome bonus, so I funded my account for $700 and I got doubled trading money on my account after that. I started with that amount and I am happy with the results because I am currently earning now, after just 2 months of joining.

I am glad that I gave in to my friend invitation to join and start trading, looking forward on my first withdrawal next month.

Oct 09, 2015
thumbs up!
by: Anonymous

I’m not new to stock market and I can proudly say that having experience in trading is already an edge. However, I’d like to know more about trading strategies that’s why I’m investing to brokers that are really educated. What surprised me is that the brokers only get 5% commission on clean profit at the same time I am learning new techniques. It’s fascinating and I hope this good service will last and I’m expecting they wouldn’t disappoint me, especially if I made a request on withdrawals.

Oct 08, 2015 is No 1 SCAM and fraud and I lost money 49.5k within 15 days
by: GP

Hi LeoT,

Thanks for your update!!

yes, I was trading with and lost 49.5K within 15 days all because of my broker Kevin Kho, he is worst guy in the world not only this guy all brokers in tradingbanks same.. .please please stay way ..

Please let me know if you know how to get my money back ?

also if you need any help you can follow below url..

With Regards

Oct 08, 2015
Good brokers
by: Lindsay

I just took advantage of the welcome bonus that motivates me in putting money. I have received so many calls before and I don’t know why’d I just picked up the phone and made deposits. This unexpected answer made my life changed, I am generating profits more than my investment now.

If you are sick and tired of all the scams that left no single penny on your bank account, I recommend TradingBanks for you.

Oct 05, 2015 is No 1 SCAM and fraud and I lost money 49.5k within 15 days
by: LeoT

dear GP

Tradingbanks or mxtrade?
These companies are the same forex.
Sure .
I read your story and you can see my story too in FPA.
Mxtrade by LeoT
Do you know that some brokers work for each other forex?
Do you know that mxtrade money launderers?
Do you know that mxtrade can't work in Italy, but they are continuing?
do you know mxtrade stole the picture of my son and placed in sites ...... for blackmail?
Did you see my videos? and the videos of my wife? this is my blod. I'm sorry is my language
Mxtrade and tradingbanks are the same company.
Tradingbanks was born in Italy
This is a italian broker
I'm looking for them
keep in touch

Oct 05, 2015 is No 1 SCAM and fraud and I lost money 49.5k within 15 days
by: GP

This is a Very bad/fraud broker company, stay away and if you have money invested with them take it and run fast!
I invested far too much money with them, for a 2 weeks i was making money but was not allowed to withdraw in order to grow the
account to large profit, then one day it was all gone, they asked for 30K to reverse the account,lost all money 49.5k
then My a/c went suddenly with minus balance and disabled status .. Please please please don't trade with this broker..
1000% fraud company .. first you thing make money ..but end of day you will lose all money ...pls pls stay way ..

Oct 01, 2015
Tradingbanks no 1 bad / fraud broker company
by: Anonymous

This is a Very bad / fraud broker company, stay away and if you have money invested with them take it and run fast!
I invested far too much money with them, for a 2 weeks I was making money but was not allowed to withdraw in order to grow the account to large profit, then one day it was all gone, they asked for 30K to reverse the account, lost all money
then My a/c went suddenly with minus balance and disabled status .. Please please please don't trade with this broker..
1000% fraud company .. first you think you make money .. but end of day you will lose all money ...please please stay way ..

See more details here

Sep 15, 2015
TradingBanks is a good broker
by: LeoT

Dear Tamal Dash

You say that Tradingbanks is a good broker.
Are you sure?
This forex was in Belize until a few days ago. Now it is Gone. Where?
It's full of complains. Tradingbanks and Mxtrade is the same forex.
Mxtrade can't work in Italy and Cyprus.
Mxtrade recycles dirty money. It's scams and Fraud
TradingBanks too.
You are a Broker of Tradingbanks and Mxtrade

Sep 14, 2015
TradingBanks is a good broker.
by: Tomal Dash

From last three months I’m Trading in this ECN broker with smile face. Because, I get here automatic transaction facility without any additional fee. Actually, that was my main requirement for choosing a trading broker permanently. Because, I see all market maker brokers have late transaction service. So, I think it’s a good way to identify broker quality.

Sep 03, 2015
Good Investment Opportunity
by: Anonymous

Dear sir Nathaniel
You are one of many broker who works for TradingBanks or Mxtrade.
Why don't tell everybody that Mxtrade and TradingBanks are the same forex?
These forex are full of complains.
It's enough to go FPA, to see all videos on youtube.
Plaese tell to Marco Desantis to pay me my gain and damage.
Best Regards

Sep 02, 2015
Good Investment Opportunity
by: Nathaniel

Trading Banks gave me the opportunity to have a secondary income. They have a very helpful account managers, and very knowledgeable brokers to assist me.

Pros: 100% Welcome Bonus, Different Account Types, Expert Brokers, 24/7 Chat Support, Withdrawal Process

Cons: Non so far

Aug 26, 2015
Tradingbanks and Mxtrade
by: Anonymous

Another broker that speaks well of tradingbanks.
Tradingbanks is a good forex? Don't me laugh.
You are another brokers

Aug 25, 2015
TradingBanks Quality Trading Services
by: Anonymous

I am new in the trading business and I have to say, at first I was really afraid to risk my money but with TradingBanks and the ECN broker it provided me with, I am
now well-equipped with the expertise I need to become confident in my trades. Investing with the help of TradingBanks and its services is worth my time. My money is
working for me so I don't have to tire myself and work extra hours just to sustain my needs and wants. Thanks to TradingBanks for the really excellent quality service.

Jul 22, 2015
advisable for newbie traders
by: paolo

I've been working with tradingbanks for nearly 5 months now with zero knowledge about forex trading but then wow! the assistance that I'm getting from my broker is really great. I have never thought I would earn so much with online trading and actually be good at it. My broker Joe Tan is really doing a terrific job, he always make sure that I am updated about what is going on in the market and never fails to give me useful trading signals everyday. I guess I got one of the best brokers in the industry lol! All I can say is that I am satisfied with this company. though there are times that i lose some money I don't worry that much because they always ensure that I earn more than I lose. tradingbanks is truly reliable so i recommend other traders to try it out too.they have low minimum deposit and also have three trades money-back guarantee. happy trading evryone

Jul 17, 2015
reliable broker
by: Anonymous

Dear client of tradingBanks or If your prefer Mxtrade (Denny)
I read your comment.
It's impossible that you have worked for one years and half with them. Tradingbanks is more younger.
Do you know that that forex is working without license?
Do you know a lot of broker are working for both?
Do you know that forex is scamming a lot of people?
Yes... I have all proofs
TradingBanks stolen me a lot of money.
I`m making a blog against this forex.

Jul 16, 2015
reliable broker
by: danny

hello, i am a client of tradingbanks for almost half a year now and i am writing a review to help traders like me who want to find a reliable broker that they can work with for long-term.i want to thank my personal broker Kevin Kho who always gives me recommendations that helped me earn huge profits. the spreads are not that bad unless you are trading exotic currency pairs. even if other online brokers have better spreads, it's perfectly fine with me because they have good leverage and withdrawal of my earnings is a lot faster than other for my fellow traders out there who are looking for a broker with whom they can entrust their hard-earned money, i highly recommend this don't have to worry that they will steal your money because they even have a money-back guarantee if you lose within three trades.

Jun 30, 2015
Withdrawing money is fast
by: Anonymous

Dear Mr. Melati
You was very lucky. Very lucky.
Some friends of mine was cheated from this forex.
Marco De Santis alias Marco Ferro has stolen, scammed my friends.
Do you know that TradingBanks are working without license?
If It scam you, you will not be able to complaints.

Jun 30, 2015
Withdrawing money is fast
by: Melati

withdrawing my money on tradingbanks is faster than other broker companies that I have tried. I was able to get the profit I got on my account instantly. I think this is one of the important things to check when choosing a broker. i got my profit reflected on my bank in just 2 business days.

Jun 26, 2015
My review for Tradingbanks
by: Anonymous

did you deposit 500 $ and they gave you 100% of bonus?
You are very lucky about bonus.
Try to deposit 10.000 $ and you'll see to disappear.
A friend of mine didn't give a bonus.
They scammed me and my wife
Pay attention

May 18, 2015
My review for Tradingbanks
by: Andrew

I have a lot of bad experiences from other brokerage firm like slipage, bad support, freezing account and longer time withdrawing money. I have traded in the market for 4 years now and I can say that if a broker is really good. I found out about Tradingbanks with a friend who was trading on this broker for several months. He said to me to give it a try since he himself was getting good cash from this. I tried and tested their platform which was really easy for me to navigate since they are on MT4. The spreads are high on regular account but on gold and platinum they have lower spreads on all assets. I deposited $500 and instantly, the broker gave me the 100% bonus on my account. After 3weeks of trading, the result was good. My money on the account did gain profit, it did not gain a lot but I see that my money is growing. I have some losses but for 4 years in the business, this is part of trading. The important thing is I have more gain than losses. When it comes in withdrawal it took me 2days to get the money which is faster than other broker companies I have tried. Its a great broker for me and I believe for everyone as well.

Apr 15, 2015
consisten attention they give
by: Ajon

im getting signals as promised but i trade on my account and my own decision which i think i am doing fine now

Apr 02, 2015
ECN Brokers
by: Khalil Al

My account in tradingbanks is just new but I can already say that I really like this online broker. I know that i can find other sites with lower spreads but even if the spreads here are higher it's still okay because their brokers are good. They are very honest like they tell me if I should not expect very high profit for this trade or things like that. Aside from their honesty on how my trade will go, what I also like about them is that they regularly update me about the market and tell me where I should invest my money. They are ECN brokers so i know that they really want me to win because only when i win that they get commissions, when i lose they dont have commissions. With that, Im confident that they are not setting a trap for me. It's really a win-win strategy.i will recommend this especially for those who know nothing about stock market because you will get good guidance.

Mar 24, 2015
Glad to know tradingbanks
by: Sinh

Two months ago a friend told me about tradingbanks. At first I was very hesitant because I know nothing about trading in the stock market, but with my friend’s constant encouragement I finally gave it a try. Initially, I deposited 400 bucks and with the guidance of tradingbanks’ professional brokers I can see my money getting bigger. I’m really glad I knew about this online broker.

Mar 16, 2015
Brokers are professional
by: Fulvio

I just started trading with tradingbanks 3 weeks ago. As of now, I don't have any bad issues with them. I am able to trade well with the help of one of their brokers which are very professional and knows how to read the market. I am getting good cash and only lose a little cash. The trading platform mt4 was easy to navigate which i always prefer when trading. I enjoy trading with this broker.

Mar 06, 2015
Low spreads and good customer service
by: Laurette

Tradingbanks is a new broker that I started trading last week. So far I have experienced good customer service and good trading signals. The spreads are low even on the regular account which is another good points with them. I have no comments yet about their withdrawal since I haven't tested this but overall trading with tradingbanks is worth it.

Mar 04, 2015
Good for new trader
by: Arif Baha Khoury

I am a new trader on tradingbanks. As a newbie, I was assisted well by their support. They gave me all the information I need and told me to start on demo account before I sign up for the live account. The broker gave me forex signals and charts about on what to trade which helped me a lot on my trading. So far I am enjoying trading with tradingbanks. I gain profit but not that much because sometime I also have losses but with the help of the support I was able to win back.

Feb 18, 2015
Brokers are good
by: Azimatul

I am currently trading with tradingbanks and so far i like it. I am afraid to try other brokers unless i know someone is really making profit on it. A friend of mine just started a month ago and to my surprise, when I saw his account, he is really getting good cash. From that day, I started a live account and I was assisted by a broker. In my experience, the brokers are doing a great job in reading the market which is one that i like with them. I am still on the testing process but it seems that it is worth it, I have more gains than loses.

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