Vortex Trader Pro has performed as advertised

by Paul

Hi Fritz, Hope everything well for you. I'm contacting you regarding the Vortex Trader Pro rebate. The system has performed as advertised and I have no complaints, all I can say is "well done Doug Price...keep up the good work!". I must be getting close to the end of the 60 day trail period and will continue with the Vortex Trader Pro.

Thanks also Fritz for your advice with the ECN acct, I'm using FXChoice and everything is working fine. What other systems do you recommend, I know Doug has another system running are there other systems by different people that have perform well for you?

Paul from Australia.

Hi Paul
........... If your looking for a second robot I would highly recommend KeltnerPro by Jarad Rybeck. It's shown on the brainyforex testing page here https://www.brainyforex.com/automatic-forex-trading-systems.html I can confirm that Jarad is the real deal. Lots of people have been getting great results from this system lately too. KeltnerPro is the best system I've ever tested so far. But once again remember to trade it with safe risk settings for the "longer term" and over all it will go well for you.

Fritz Gewerth

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