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VPS Hosting for forex EA robots is highly recommended. It lets users run their robots around the clock 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without interruption from power blackouts, internet interruptions or computer malfunctions. Users do not need to keep their computers turned on or connected to the internet - that's the job for the Virtual Private Server. (VPS for short).

Tip for short term scalper robot users

For the best possible results from scalper robots it is recommended to choose a VPS host close to your forex broker. This will improve execution speed / latency.

For those whom would like to check their latency speed, they can ask their broker or VPS host if unsure how to do it.

Competitive & Reliable Alternatives for Forex Traders

The following VPS providers also offer forex hosting services at reasonable prices. Compare them to find one that suits your needs and budget. They are well known companies within the industry that savy FOREX TRADERS utilize.

Beeksfx VPS host

* Plans start at $25 UK (For one or two platforms).
* Reliable & superfast latency speeds for scalping robots.
* FinFX 0.35 m/s, ICMarkets 0.5 m/s, ThinkForex 2 m/s, Oanda 1 m/s, FXCM 1 m/s, Pepperstone 0.5 m/s
Public reviews here.

Ultra Hosting VPS provider

Ultra Hosting;
* Plans start at $24.95 US (For one or two platforms).
* Industry veterans with 25 years experience.
Public reviews here.

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