Well done Brian and thanks for sharing your trading method

by Fritz

4.5 Stars out of 5. On 7 April 2020, Brian has provide me with a copy of his multi-million dollar trading method called Trading Method:Transparent ForexV1 to review.

First thing, I would like to thank Brian and acknowledge his generosity in making publicly available his trading method in which he has had enormous success with in growing his account from $3K to over $3.5M in a relatively short period of time, namely 20 months, in which he currently uses on a popular trade copy service with many paying subscribers. Brian uses a demo account to transfer buy and sell signals on behalf of his clients real money accounts as well as his own.

For anyone who has tried to buy and sell currencies for profits – whether newcomer or experienced trader with many years of experience will appreciate the difficulty in trying to achieve the results that Brian has managed to achieve.

Brian's 16 page PDF explains his full strategy. He says what he looks for before buying or short selling a currency, including listing all the currency pairs (& Gold) he trades, the particular time frames he uses, the specific price action pattern he uses and what he does when a trade moves against him.

Brian is selling his 16 page PDF trading method explanation for under one hundred dollars as at April 2020, which I believe is great value considering he is currently actively using this same method to earn real money profits for over two thousand signal subscribers on a popular copy trade platform. He currently holds the number one position for the largest account growth.

What don't I like about Brian's 16 page PDF trading method?

I think a large part of Brian's success with his method has come from his skilful ability to recover from those few bad trades that don't co-operate in the first instance. During the later months of 2019 and early 2020 there were some instances of large draw-downs, largest being 69.5%. Bearing in mind there were unexpected world events at this time and Brian recovered from these draw-downs, none-the-less it does show Brian's trading strategy does have limitations or as some in the industry may call it 'high risk'?

As Brian has priced his 16 page PDF trading method at under one hundred dollars, it would be unfair of me to ask him to provide more chart explanations and more 'what if' trade scenarios. I would have liked Brian to provide a whole lot more information in his PDF but then he could change his PDF into a 200 page trading course, complete with video's and change the price to three thousand dollars? To Brian's credit, it should be noted that he does offer to provide support for those whom may want further clarification on aspects of his trading method. So my apparent hesitation is overcome.

I think if prospective buyers of Brian's 16 page PDF remember that they are purchasing a reasonably brief trading method explanation of how he has traded a $3K account into over $3.5 million in under a two year period - that is what is offered and that is what he has provided – then they should be happy. And also remembering how many other verified successful trade signal providers are willing to share their trading methods? Most will not do so for any price?

I personally feel Brian is an inspiration to the trading community by showing that the market can be beaten and will hopefully inspire others.

"Well done Brian and thanks for sharing!"

Fritz Gewerth

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