won't respond to my attempts to contact them

by Simon

Beware!!! Cancelled my subscription months ago but RedPaladin are still trying to make unauthorised deductions from my credit card and won't respond to my attempts to contact them.

Dishonest at best. Criminal at worst. Don't risk it!!

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Mar 13, 2017
sometimes it takes a bit of time to see what is going on
by: Fritz

In time we can see what is going on. To start with the picture can be a bit foggy - but with a bit of time things get clearer and clearer.

Red Paladin's treatment of it's clients is totally unacceptable. As you mention, when you have tried different ways of contacting them and they are clearly avoiding you then that is when we understand what is really going on.

Thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback through this website. If we all speak up about what these companies do then it will be easier to understand their practices and we know whom not to do business with.

Mar 13, 2017
Red Paladin Credit card thieves
by: Anonymous


Now, let me explain

I originally requested a cancellation and I got a response indicating that it is was done. Months later I realised that deductions were still being made so I tried to contact on every number and email address I could possibly find (which was minimal, if you see how their website is set up). After a week passed and I received no response, I even scoured the internet for alternative contact details to make sure my message got across.

After being ignored for another week or so, I resorted to using LinkedIn to seek out the guy who should have cancelled my subscription originally, as well CEO of the company (Krupal Majmudar) and sent them both personal messages explaining my situation and asking for urgent attention.

Guess what happened? I was ignored. I had to contact the bank to stop the illegal deductions being made.

So, while their services might seem okay at first, my experience is that the staff and management of Red Paladin VPS appear to be involved in (possibly systematic) theft of ex-clients money.

Mar 13, 2016

by: Fritz

Hi Simon

In my previous experience in using Red Paladin and ForexVPS I notice that when they have MAJOR PROBLEMS like server crashes or similar issues that affect all or most of their clients their staff cannot answer all the emails that flood in. They have thousands of clients all desperately emailing them for a solution or to cancel their service.

Some managers of these large corporations do not want to admit to these major issues that seem to crop up probably on average every two years? They go quiet and hope that they can fix the issues without anyone knowing that they have a major meltdown that affected all of their clients.

Major issues like this is not good for their reputation and hence they do not want to come clean and tell you what is really happening behind the scenes. These companies need to be more transparent as to why they cannot respond to clients in a timely manner.

This may be why your not getting any response from them Simon? You should try other email addresses shown on their website and mention your issue about not getting a response. Or if your able even try and telephone them?

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